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ACCA software uses OpenBIM to create Dragonfly headquarters

Promotion: technology company ACCA software has created a "state-of-the-art structure with a low environmental impact" as its headquarters in Campania, Italy.

Designed using OpenBIM software, the headquarters of ACCA software was created to take advantage of panoramic views of the southern Italian countryside, while being environmentally conscious.

A photograph of ACCA Software's computer room filled with plants
The brand's headquarters is filled with plants

Named the Dragonfly, the 30,000-square-metre is arranged in two interconnected wings. It incorporates a range of sustainability features including wind turbines, solar shields, pergolas with photovoltaic panels and a recovery system that collects and recycles rainwater.

Many of the site's features were chosen to reduce the building's energy consumption and the building is also equipped with a sophisticated "building automation infrastructure" that aims to enhance the comfort of the occupants.

This infrastructure allows the automatic thermoregulation of the building's rooms, which can be changed in response to desired comfort, energy savings and environmental changes.

A bird's eye view of the ACCA headquarters
The headquarters of ACCA software is named the Dragonfly

"The quality of the lighting is also managed by electronic switches, sensors and local actuators integrated with the controls of opening or closing the sunshades for the exploitation of natural light," said ACCA software.

"The large car park – about 5,000 square meters – is mostly covered by pergolas with photovoltaic panels."

The headquarters contains office space alongside training rooms, a "baby park", computer rooms, swimming pool and gym, changing rooms, self-service kitchen and dining room.

ACCA Software's plant-filled headquarters
ACCA software describes its headquarters as a "state-of-the-art structure with a low environmental impact"

The central space also includes what the brand calls a "mind gymnasium", which is a glass room surrounded by plants that was "conceived as an engine of innovation" where employees can meet to brainstorm ideas.

ACCA software's headquarters aims to demonstrate how the brand is dedicated to innovation and in particular, the use of OpenBIM, which was used to design the building.

"With OpenBIM, each professional is free to use the software they prefer without any type of technological constraint, while still guaranteeing high standards of collaboration and coordination throughout the entire BIM process and building lifecycle," said the brand.

Many of the building's features are intended to reduce environmental impact
The brand's headquarters is in Campania, Italy

OpenBIM also aims to make BIM more accessible.

"We want to make BIM more democratic with open collaboration spaces, tools that work on standard formats, simplicity of use and with costs that are accessible to everyone and everywhere in the world," said the CEO of ACCA software, Guido Cianciulli.

"We believe that BIM can't exist without OpenBIM and transforming BIM into OpenBIM is our mission. We are working to substantially change BIM-oriented workflows, to focus more on the use of the information model and not on the software, as is currently the case."

A photograph of the red conference room seats
The building is equipped with a large conference room

ACCA software produces software and services for the architecture, engineering and construction sectors. The brand's usBIM is a system of online applications that allows opening, viewing and editing of files of various file formats.

"The system comes with 12 free applications and 10GB of free storage and the chance to customise the subscription with more space and apps bringing in even more advanced features: facility management, IoT, blockchain, real time rendering, clash detection, code checking, CDE," said the brand.

Edificius is ACCA's all-in-one building design software that is designed to allow professionals to manage all aspects of an architectural project, from 2D design to 3D design. This includes real-time rendering and virtual reality browsing with "no need to save the file and open it somewhere else".

ACCA software's products have been contributing to the "innovation and development of the activities" of thousands of architects, engineers, surveyors, experts, and geologists according to the brand. It also offers a number of training courses.

To view more about the brand, visit its website.

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