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Reversible collection by Charlotte Lancelot for Gan with ottoman and cream chair

Reversible rug collection by Charlotte Lancelot for Gan

Dezeen Showroom: created by designer Charlotte Lancelot for Gan, the Reversible rugs have one woollen side for winter and one linen side for summer and can be paired with matching ottomans.

Lancelot was inspired to create the Reversible rugs after noting that in countries where temperatures vary greatly, households often have different rugs for summer and winter that are stored away between seasons like clothes.

Reversible collection by Charlotte Lancelot for Gan
The Reversible rugs feature one textured woollen side for cosiness in winter

In this spirit, she worked with Gan to develop a new and complex hand-looming technique weaving together threads of different materials and textures to offer two very disparate faces.

On one side, the Reversible rugs are 100 per cent virgin wool, with a rich patterning offering glimpses of the materials beneath, and on the other they are solid-seaming linen and cotton, creating a fresh feel underfoot.

Reversible collection by Charlotte Lancelot for Gan
The reverse is a mix of linen and cotton for a fresh feel

Both sides have a soft and contemporary look and according to Gan the rugs are neither heavy or bulky, allowing them to be easily moved.

The rugs are available in three subtle colours – pink, yellow or black – and two sizes. There is also the option to pair them with square poufs that have matching reversible covers.

Product: Reversible
Designer: Charlotte Lancelot
Brand: Gan
Contact: [email protected]

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