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A photograph of a dog besides a kennel, which is informed by Star Wars

Seven playful dog kennels created by architects and designers

Today is International Dog Day so Dezeen has put together a roundup of architectural canine beds, including a kennel informed by the stones of ancient henges and another based on Star Wars.

Also featured is a dog kennel that uses the same technology as cars to reduce noise and a hand-built geodesic kennel made from cherry wood that was designed by architecture studio Foster + Partners.

These products reflect a growing trend for high-end designs and architecture for pets. In July this year, EKAR Architects created a dog hotel in Thailand, which is designed for dogs and humans to live side-by-side, while in January, Spanish architects Eeestudio and Lys Villalba designed Educan, a colourful dog training centre near Madrid.

Here are seven kennels and beds created by architects and designers:

Dog pod is a dog kennel that was designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and Mark Gorton
Photo is by Linda Stewart

Dog Pod by RSHP and Mark Gorton

Architecture studios Mark Gorton and RSHP created a "space-age" dog kennel informed by the spacecrafts in Star Wars. The kennel has a hexagonal and tubular form and is supported by adjustable feet that raise the kennel slightly above the ground.

The design's elevated structure allows for airflow to cool the kennel on warmer days and keep the interior warm on cool days.

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A spaniel pictured inside of Bonehenge
Photo courtesy of Birds Portchmouth Russum Architects

Bonehenge by Birds Portchmouth Russum Architects

Bonehenge is an oval-shaped dog kennel designed by British architecture studio Birds Portchmouth Russum Architects that features columns designed to resemble bones.

The kennel is informed by the stones of ancient henges and was built with Accoya wood. It features an oval-shaped skylight and also has a wooden roof with a lip around its edge that directs rainwater towards a spout, ensuring the inside remains dry in all weather.

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A dog is pictured inside the dog kennel
Photo is by Aaron Hargreaves

Dome-Home by Foster + Partners

British architecture firm Foster + Partners designed a geodesic wooden dog kennel that is hand-built by English furniture maker Benchmark.

The exterior of the kennel is made from cherry wood and features a padded interior with a rectangular opening at its front. The  interior has a removable padded fabric lining that continues the tessellating geometry theme.

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The Dog Room by Made by Pen
Photo courtesy of Made by Pen

The Dog Room by Made by Pen and Michael Ong

Melbourne-based architect Michael Ong and Australian design brand Made by Pen created a miniature wooden house for dogs. The design of the kennel is simple and based on a child's drawing of a house.

It is equipped with a black-painted aluminium frame, while the front of the kennel is half open and half covered with a wooden panel. There are also two circular windows at the rear, allowing for airflow and views for owner and pet alike.

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Ford noise-cancelling kennel
Photo courtesy of Ford

Noise Cancelling Kennel by Ford

Car manufacturer Ford created the Noise Cancelling Kennel in an effort to shield dogs from loud noises from fireworks, which is the most common source of anxiety in canines.

The kennel features tech used in Ford's Edge SUV to mask engine noise. Microphones pick up high levels of noise from outside the kennel, which then sends opposing signals via an audio system.

The sound waves are designed to cancel each other out, reducing noise. Ford's design is also made from high-density cork cladding for additional soundproofing.

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Heads or Tails by Nendo
Photo is by Akihiro Yoshida

Heads or Tails by Nendo

A dog bed and a range of transformable accessories are included in Japanese design studio Nendo's range for dogs. The Heads or Tails collection includes a dog bed, toys and dishes, all of which can be used in two ways.

The bed is made from artificial leather and pops up to become a little hut or can simply be used as a cushion.

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A photograph of dogs sitting on Kläffer – is a white dog bed
Photo is by We Make Them Wonder

Kläffer by Nils Holger Moorman

Kläffer by German furniture maker Nils Holger Moormann is a dog-sized version of the brand's human-sized flat-pack beds made from European birch plywood.

The bed is made up of metal-free pieces which are designed to be easily slotted together, making the product portable.

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