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"Build one of these nightmares in order to see it fail" says commenter

In this week's comments update, readers are debating architecture studio ZN Era's proposal for a skyscraper called Downtown Circle, which would be built around the Burj Khalifa in downtown Dubai.

Set to be 550-metres tall and 3,000 metres in circumference, the skyscraper would be composed of two interconnected main rings that will house residential, public, commercial and cultural spaces. Commenters are split over the viability and necessity of such a project.

Frank van der Veot thinks it's impossible: "A three-kilometre ring supported on only four columns? A structural engineering nightmare and a delusional concept" – while Michael Wolk AIA considers it for a different location, asking if it could be a "prototype for when we all move to the moon?"

Simply Indulgence suggested, "you could put it in the Metaverse".

"Maybe if we actually built one of these nightmarish cities of the future, we could see it fail and get back to doing real architecture," Zea Newland commented.

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Michael Heizer City Nevada
Michael Heizer completes monumental City sculpture in Nevada desert

"Nothing of this size can profess to be 'minimally invasive'"

American artist Michael Heizer completed City, a monumental sculpture deep in the Nevada desert that took more than 50 years to construct. Measuring around 1.5 miles long and 0.5 miles wide (2.4 by 0.8 kilometres), City consists of several structures resembling ancient geometric temples.

"Quite beautiful in its uselessness," commented David P.

Intamin said: "I can't imagine the energy expenditure to create all of this. Nothing of this size can profess to be 'minimally invasive'".

JoeG was excited about "the new set of Dune 3", but Pierre predicted he would get lost if he was to visit the site: "Where is my car? Have you seen where my car is parked?"

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Wildfires influence design of Campout House in northern California

"Let's think twice before we build more homes in wildfire areas"

Nestled within a pine forest this cabin near Lake Tahoe was designed by US studio Faulkner Architect as a nature retreat for a tech company CEO and his family, who live in San Francisco.

The architects needed to be mindful of California wildfires, which have become more frequent and more intense in recent years, so they used non-combustible materials for the exterior of the project: "We must enhance the construction systems and materials to withstand these disasters," the studio said.

Ken Steffes thought that the "material choice means nothing. If a fire wants the property it will take it". Agustin agreed that "whoever states that this structure will survive a forest fire has no idea what a forest fire is capable of."

Zea Newland urged reflection: "let's think twice before we build more homes in wildfire areas".

Aside from the debate over fire-safety and sensibility, Bobbly Dazzler thought that the project featured "stunning detailing" and Steve Hassler would also like to join the waiting list: "Beautiful. Put me down for one."

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3andwich Design tops clifftop library in China with circular pool

"Fill it with Koi carp"

Chinese studio 3andwich Design unveiled the circular Water Drop Library in Shuangyue Bay, China, which is topped with a pool overlooking the sea.

A stair leads up from the reading room to the roof area. The pool is directly above the library to create the idea of the space being underwater.

Romeo Reyes thought that the effect would have been heightened "if only the pool was built with a clear glass bottom, then filled with giant koi fish."

Trewus was worried for the contents of the library and thinks the project is a lesson in "how to endanger books, by keeping a pool of water on top of them."

Simply Indulgence also thought that they shouldn't have bothered with the library: "Nice pool! Get rid of the library and replace it with a community gym and health-bar cafe!"

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