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Different coloured Billow fabric hanging in a showroom space

Billow hanging textile by Almedahls

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish textile brand Almedahls has released a double-sided hanging fabric named Billow, which features sound-absorbing properties.

The brand designed the textile to be used as a room divider in open offices, providing sound-insulated zones where people can hold meetings or carry out focused work.

Green and cream hanging fabrics by Almedahls in a showroom space
The Billow fabric is double-sided

"Our new hanging textile Billow is characterised by creativity and elegance, which is expressed in the design of its colour palette and the double-sided effect," said Almedahls.

"Billow is a uni-coloured textile but never dull, with one colour in warp and two colours in weft, the fabric has a subtle gradient effect. It is a playful way to create transitions between colours and materials."

Warm-toned Billow hanging fabric by Almedahls
Billow is a hanging textile designed to separate spaces in offices

Made from polyester, the Billow fabric is available in a range of neutral and bright colour combinations.

"The mixture across the colour wheel provides a palette of bold and more toned-down nuances and diverse types of expressions to work and create with," said Almedahls.

"The twill binding has an artistic expression which is emphasised by the natural drape and its soft surface."

Product: Billow
Brand: Almedahls
Contact: [email protected]

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Swatches of colourful Billow fabrics by Almedahls
Billow by Almedahls