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Three Not Sofas by True Design in a neutral-toned living space with brick wall

Not Sofa by E-ggs for True Design

Dezeen Showroom: Italian design studio E-ggs created the Not Sofa for True Design for both contract environments and the home.

The Not Sofa was designed as a composition of horizontal and vertical cushions, according to True Design, which offers the sofa in separate but related designs for the home and contract markets.

White Not Sofa by True Design in a living space with a brick wall
The sofa is designed for both home and contract interiors

The slight variations cater to the different needs of those two settings — the home sofa has more depth to envelope the user, while the contract seating options maintain a more upright sitting position.

In addition, the home sofa has back and armrests that reach all the way to the floor, while the contract seating is raised on powder-coated steel legs, allowing for easy and frequent cleaning.

Grey Not Sofa by True Design
The contract iteration of the sofa is raised on steel legs

The contract seating comes in four variants — a two-seater sofa, an asymmetrical three-seater sofa, a four-seater sofa, and an armchair — while the home version comes in just one three-seater design.

"The Not sofa family, with its welcoming softness and functional structural details, is an emblematic example of how it's possible to decline and cross functions in True Design's world, crossing over between the domestic and non-domestic destinations," said the brand.

Product: Not Sofa
Designer: E-ggs
Brand: True Design
Contact: [email protected]

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