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Photograph of bathroom with beige tiles laid horizontally behind sinks and mirrors

Lume tiles by Marazzi

Dezeen Showroom: Italian tile manufacturer Marazzi has expanded its range of Lume tiles to include a new size format and vibrant new colour options.

The new additions to the Lume range, which celebrates the qualities of traditional Italian ceramic tiles, include a six by 24 centimetre tile in a new selection of shades on top of its existing offering.

Photograph of outdoor terrace with greige tiles laid horizontally on one back wall
Lume tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings

Original colours white, black, green, blue, musk and greige are still available, and are joined by off-white, beige, pink, turquoise, forest and china shades.

"Variations in colour and patterning create interplays of light which add vibrancy to spaces," said the brand.

Photograph of bathroom with dark blue tiles laid vertically inside shower enclosure
They can be laid vertically or horizontally

Like the rest of the Lume range, these new releases are designed to be reminiscent of vernacular handmade majolica tiles from southern Italy.

Lume tiles can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications across residential and commercial interiors.

Product: Lume tiles
Brand: Marazzi
Contact: [email protected]

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