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Photograph showing residential hallway with white glazed doors

Rasovetro 55s door by Lualdi

Dezeen Showroom: Italian brand Lualdi has designed Rasovetro 55s, an internal door with glazed panels designed to celebrate the qualities of glass.

Rasovetro 55s is designed to exhibit the same features as other doors in the brand's Rasomuro series, including concealed hinges and aluminium jambs, in a glass leaf format.

Photograph showing white glazed door slightly open with chair beside it
The door has a glazed finish

The swing door is available in classic and back-lacquered glass finishes and is suitable for a range of internal applications.

"From an aesthetic perspective, these doors develop their originality thanks to glass, a clean material by nature, and its unique prerogatives: transparency, brightness, lightness," said the brand.

Photograph of grey door with chair beside it
The door is available in classic and back-lacquered glass finishes

A comprehensive range of Lualdi handles can be used in conjunction with the Rasovetro 55s door, which comes in transparent and coloured-backed finishes.

Additional versions to choose from include passage only, handle and key, and handle and security cylinder to suit a variety of needs.

Product: Rasovetro 55s
Brand: Lualdi
Contact: [email protected]

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Photograph of grey door detail
Photograph of grey door detail