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Photograph of bathroom with golden tiles laid vertically behind bath

A wide variety of tiles from Marazzi feature on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: Italian company Marazzi has presented a wide range of tiles on Dezeen Showroom, including tiles that reference traditional Italian ceramics and building materials.

Lume tiles feature a richly glazed, naturally uneven finish, which celebrates the handmade qualities of vernacular Mediterranean tiles.

Photograph of bathroom with dark blue tiles laid vertically inside shower enclosure
The tiles can be laid vertically or horizontally

The tiles' unusual elongated shape and straight edges allow them to be installed either vertically or horizontally with nearly no gap between them.

Colour options range from neutral shades to jewel tones and are all deeply saturated with a mottled, hand-crafted appearance.

Photograph showing industrial interior space
Cementum tiles mimic the aesthetic of concrete

Marazzi's Cementum tiles are informed by the appearance of cast concrete in a tile format.

The tiles also benefit from being soft-touch, anti-slip and anti-reflective and can be used to clad walls and floors.

Photograph showing dining chairs and table with marble patterned wall behind
The veined tiles come in a range of shade and pattern options

The Top Marble Look tiles embody another traditional structural and decorative material, featuring a veined pattern reminiscent of marble.

Their natural stone aesthetic is paired with state-of-the-art hygienic enhancements, making them appropriate for use across a range of applications.

White Deco floral wall tiles in a bathroom by Marazzi
The tiles' white background allows the motifs to stand out

The details in the patterning of White Deco wall tiles are picked out by subtle 3D protrusions.

Available in three patterns inspired by foliage and botanical motifs, the tiles present an alternative to traditional wallpaper applications.

Photograph showing sink area with geometric print tiles
Momenti tiles aim to provide the same visual impact as wallpaper

Momenti wall tiles also offer patterned, wallpaper-like finishes for all types of interiors, even areas like kitchens and bathrooms where water is present.

Like the White Deco wall tiles, these come in botanical prints with the addition of geometric Art Nouveau and Art Deco-based patterns.

Photograph showing shower enclosure with botanical print tiles
Available patterns include geometric and botanical motifs

Marazzi is an Italian company that designs and manufactures wall coverings and flooring for residential, commercial and hospitality interiors.

Founded in 1935, the company aims to deliver ceramic tiles that celebrate the qualities of Italian design and manufacturing processes.

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