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Coriant Solid Surface material in new 2022 colours

DuPont adds new contemporary colours to Corian Solid Surface range

Promotion: Corian Design of US brand DuPont has expanded its Corian Solid Surface range with eight new colours, informed by the patterns of natural materials.

Two of the new colours make up the new Carrara marble-inspired series, while four are part of the richly textured Artista collection, and two – Sparkling Granita and Sand Storm – are standalone designs.

The new eight colours join the existing 90 in the Corian Solid Surface range and are intended to make it easier for designers to realise their visions for kitchens, cafes, bathrooms, receptions and other interiors.

Coriant Solid Surface material in new 2022 colours
The new series is informed by the textures and appearance of natural materials

"The ambition of Corian brand is 'making every day extraordinary' with aesthetics that transcend mere surfaces to create a sense of place, experience and captivating style," said Corian Design.

The new colours include four variations of Artista, which join 13 other colours in the collection, including recycled content. The Artista style incorporates both soft, hazy veining and small mineral particles, giving the surface a slightly glittering sheen.

It is available in four shades ranging from a warm dark grey to a light cream – Artista Dust, Artista Gray, Artista Beige and Artista Canvas.

Corian Solid Surface material in Artista Canvas
The four colours in the Artista series have soft, subtle veining
The two new Carrara colours — the cool-toned Carrara Lino and warm Carrara Crema — also feature veining, but with bold patterning that gives them an appearance that resembles marble. A sparser scattering of particle flecks also adds a slight shimmer.

The final additions are another veined design, Sand Storm, created without flecks to give it a smooth, creamy appearance, and Sparkling Granita, which has a bright, thickly speckled surface in shades of white and grey.

Most of the new additions apart from Artista Beige and Dust are suitable for kitchens, while all promise to continue the commitment of Corian Design to delivering on style and durability.

Corian Solid Surface material in Carrara Lino
Carrara Lino features a marble-like pattern in cool grey tones

There are now a total of 98 colours in the Corian Solid Surface palette, including existing collections such as Terrazzo, Concrete, the wood-like Nuwood, the translucent swirl-patterned Onyx and the deeply pigmented Bold.

Made from a combination of pure acrylic resin (PMMA), aluminium trihydrate (ATH) and environmentally-friendly pigments, Corian Solid Surface is non-porous, hygienic and easy to clean. Not only heavy stains but scratches can be removed with just a little rubbing and household cleaner, according to the brand.

Corian Solid Surface material in Sand Storm
Sand Storm has a smooth, swirling look

Corian Solid Surface is also easy to shape and creates a seamless finish, with no crevices to trap dirt and bacteria.

In addition to the GreenGuard Gold and Red List Free certifications, all the colours of Corian Solid Surface have recently achieved also the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification, which signifies "it is free from dangerous chemicals and low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that pollute the air in indoor spaces".

"The Eurofins Gold certification combines the most stringent set of European regulations and voluntary imposed performance standards in terms of VOC emissions," said the brand.

For more information about the new colours of Corian Solid Surface, visit the brand's website.

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