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Berkshires Life House

Life House transforms motor lodge in the Berkshires into hotel

A former motel in rural Massachusetts has been transformed by American hospitality brand Life House into a hotel decorated with objects influenced by 1970s hospitality.

Life House converted an existing, two-storey motel property with its in-house design team. While the 64 guest rooms maintain the same layout, a new extension was added for the lobby, restaurant and lounge.

Berkshires hotel
Life House, Berkshires is a reimagined 1970s-era lodge

"Set in the middle of the mountains, Life House, Berkshires is a reimagined 1970s-era lodge that culls inspiration from the lodge styles of the past century and reinterprets the architecture via modern materiality and forms," said Life House.

The property is located in the Berkshires mountains, between the towns of Pittsfield and Lenox.

Life House Berkshires hotel room
Its design "culls inspiration from the lodge styles of the past century"

Visitors access rooms via exterior walkways, a feature that Life House has reinterpreted for a more contemporary hotel set-up.

"The exterior is rendered in oat-colored wood shingles juxtaposed with dark gray trims that give the building a cozy and luxurious appearance," said Life House.

Life House Club Room
The main communal space is called the Club Room

The most important addition to the property was the communal space, which is nicknamed the Club Room.

In addition to being the first space visitors see as they enter the hotel, this is the main gathering space, as it contains a fireplace, the bar, lobby and a restaurant.

Berkshires interior mural
A custom mural covers the walls

This double-height room features cathedral ceilings, exposed wooden beams and ornamental chandeliers that give the space a warm light and a sense of scale.

"The gargantuan, 28-foot ceilings house custom Murano glass chandeliers handmade in Venice by Sogni di Cristallo and hang high above the bar millwork that showcases a marble countertop and leather upholstered panels," said Life House.

Berkshires lounge area
The terrace provides a space to lounge

A custom mural painted by artist Lei Xing covers the walls of the Club Room. Vitage prints and found objects – as well as other electric accents – cover the walls.

This indoor space is connected to a terrace via sliding glass doors, where guests can lounge on several large couches surrounding fire pits.

"The design of the outdoor spaces exudes the nonchalance of its environs telegraphed via a color palette inspired by the striking sunrises and sunsets of the Berkshires," said Life House.

Throughout the property, the team selected furniture and decor pieces that create a sense of nostalgia.

Life House nostalgic interiors
Life House selected furniture that intends to evoke nostalgia

Within the guest rooms, there are custom wardrobes created by the Life House team, alongside lamps and armchairs with a vintage aesthetic.

"Collage artwork by Annie Lynch, whose pieces present black and white portraits of female figures with superimposed aerial photographs of local landscapes, are hung alongside framed poetry by artist Russell Markus who used an antique typewriter and vintage paper to produce each art piece," said Life House.

Life House Berkshires room
Custom wardrobes by Life House feature in the guest rooms

Other hotel properties that can be found in the region include Hotel McKinsley, which was designed to avoid the typical aesthetic of "antlers or plaid and reclaimed wood" and a property in Armenia, NY that is set within an English-style country home.

The photography is by Sophie Fabbri for Life House.

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Life House Berkshires hotel
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Life House Berkshires hotel
Life House Berkshires hotel
Life House Berkshires hotel
Life House Berkshires hotel