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Eterble fabric tablecloths by Eterble

Dezeen Showroom: Japanese tableware brand Eterble has released a range of tablecloths made from the brand's own recycled fabric and sustainable cotton.

The fabric is made from polyester sourced from tablecloths previously used in weddings, hotels and function rooms that were not directly reusable due to staining and other damage.

Fibres from these discarded tablecloths, which would otherwise be incinerated, were unravelled and rewoven into Eterble's recycled fabric.

Photograph of place setting on table
Eterble designed a selection of tablecloths made from discarded rented table linen

All processes involved in the product's manufacturing – including collecting, cutting, spinning, weaving, and sewing – are carried out in Japan.

Eterble separates the discarded fabrics by colour and combines similar shades of fibres to create the new fabric, avoiding the need for dying the materials.

Person laying tablecloth on table
Tablecloths come in a selection of shades and edge details

The tablecloths are available in eight patterns that feature a neutral colour palette, including designs with sewn-in runners and edge decoration.

Five of the designs are made from 100 per cent recycled polyester and three are made from 100 per cent cotton.

Product: Eterble fabric tablecloths
Brand: Eterble
Contact: [email protected]

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