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Render of a house made from tents

My ArchiSchool spotlights ten student architecture projects

Dezeen School Shows: an open structure butterfly house equipped with an underground water tank and a home informed by the design of a tent are included in Dezeen's latest school show by students at My ArchiSchool.

Also included are a partially submerged observatory and a house located in a forest featuring bedrooms with views over a tree canopy.

My ArchiSchool

Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

School statement:

"My ArchiSchool provides an introduction to architectural education and digital design for those seeking knowledge and skills to aid their future career aspirations.

"The Hong Kong-based organisation offers in-person and online courses to help young people develop 3D modelling skills that can be applied to future careers in architecture and urban planning.

"Geared towards children and teenagers between the ages of six and 18, the various stages of tuition start at beginner level, and progress to cover a range of tools, interfaces and outputs.

"A variety of program packages are offered to those wishing to develop a wide range of skills over several sessions. These include writing and portfolio development, while the most comprehensive package concludes with an exhibition of student work after eight months of study."

Render of a butterfly house in snow

Designing my Butterfly House by Jack Lee

"Inspired by the shapes of the leaves and the wings of butterflies, Lee created a butterfly house with an open structure and a motif of leaves and wings.

"The butterfly house will be supported by its own water supply tank underground in order to ensure there is clean water to operate the facilities.

"The design of the underground water tank merges with the open space design to form part of a landscape design connecting the local environment."

Student: Jack Lee
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

Render of a house with arches inside a forest

Designing my Futuristic House by Gabriella Ng

"Ng designed her futuristic house inside a forest. The house is designed to be 'island-like' and the ground floor would be open most of the time, facilitating real, natural ventilation.

"The private rooms, including bedrooms, would be allocated on the upper floor, allowing visitors to enjoy the views of the forest.

"Ng noted that the most beautiful future would be living inside the 'heart' of nature."

Student: Gabriella Ng
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

Render of a partially submerged villa

Designing my Green Resort by Chloe Wong

"Informed by her love to travel, Wong designed a villa by the sea. It features an olive-shaped glass structure for visitors to sleep under the sky and witness the water level rising and falling.

"The biggest building among the villas is the reception area, where guests check-in and out.

"Wong chose the olive shape as it is a self-standing structure that does not rely on columns in the interior areas, making the panoramic view more enjoyable."

Student: Chloe Wong
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

Render of an observatory tower

Designing my Greenfield Insect Observation Tower by Valerie Zhang

"Zhang designed her observation tower by articulating different sizes of triangles to provide efficient structural systems and allow natural light through.

"She arranged the tower in three different tiers of design, with the topmost one having triangular slots for natural ventilation.

"People could visit to watch the surrounding environment. Scientists could catch insects and study them on the middle floor, which is enclosed with a full glass facade system, with the ground floor open to visitors and students for learning and exhibitions."

Student: Valerie Zhang
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

Render of a house made from tents

Designing my Futuristic House by Andy Lam

"Andy Lam's futuristic house is inspired by tents.

"Lam created a sizeable communal living area in the middle, with the smaller tents serving as individual bedrooms.

"In order to create harmony, he designed the whole complex with timber structures. Timber is often used for boatmaking, which Lam used so the house could stand in water without erosion or emitting harmful substances."

Student: Andy Lam
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

Render of a home located on the beach

Designing my Futuristic House by Mason Yang

"Yang has always wanted to live by the seaside. He created his futuristic house to be submerged in the water when the tide is high.

"The design recalls his memory of the colourful umbrellas on the beach. Besides the main structures of his house, he added a group of open structures for parties by erecting temporary shelters to be supported by these open frameworks.

"He created a house flexible for various events so that more people could enjoy coming back to nature."

Student: Mason Yang
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

Render of a butterfly house in a wooded area

Designing my Butterfly House by Sofiya Baskakova

"Baskakova created an open structure to serve as a butterfly house.

"The house includes a space growing plant species used for feeding the caterpillars, with another group of plant species at the perimeter, enabling a continuous supply of food for developing butterflies.

"The butterfly communities will be attracted to gather around the house, rather than being caged. Therefore, it was essential for the butterfly house to have an open framework."

Student: Sofiya Baskakova
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

Render of an astronomy tower made from glass

Designing my Astronomy Tower by Ayden Zhang

"Zhang created his astronomy tower in the shape of a prism. The core structure is made from concrete with the façade system created using aluminium.

"This incorporates the ascending access to the small flat roof, which can be used for rest and stargazing.

"The inclined facades of glass would minimise the reflection of light while people inside the tower can enjoy the view outside.

"Zang suggests the tower be built on a beach instead of a mountain, as he would like to make it accessible to more children."

Student: Ayden Zhang
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

Render of an observatory on a beach

Designing my Observatory by Alfred Fong

"Fong designed his seaside observatory next to a big rock so that part of it is immersed in water.

"The roof platform is covered with operable roof cladding, with the lower part of the observatory to be enclosed with glass.

"This allows visitors to see the beach and the ocean from a high view, which contrasts well to the stargazing also available."

Student: Alfred Fong
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

Render of an astronomy tower with walkway

Designing my Astronomy Tower by Evan Sun

"Sun was inspired by the worshipping rituals in Asian cultures when designing his astronomy tower, which has a very long stairway.

"He opted that visitors could use the time to walk up the stairway to relax their minds from their daily lives.

"The shape of the tower recalls the temples in Asian regions, and the additions of glass allow more natural light inside."

Student: Evan Sun
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

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