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A white adjustable office desk by Humanscale

Float adjustable desk by Humanscale

Dezeen Showroom: workplace furniture brand Humanscale has created Float, an adjustable standing desk designed to switch between different heights easily to encourage a healthier working posture.

Float is a minimalist, height-adjustable table that adapts to a range of heights and weights using a counterbalance mechanism developed by Humanscale.

A minimalist adjustable table and office chair
Float is a minimalist office desk that can switch between heights

Available in a manual or an electric option, Float uses a constant force spring technology to move between sitting height and standing, which Humanscale claims to be more seamless than current traditional sit-stand products on the market.

The two-legged desk is designed to encourage users to adopt a more active working style by allowing them to move from sitting down in a chair to standing up comfortably.

Float table in front of a window
It is designed to encourage users to be more active

"The key to remaining healthy while at work is to alternate between standing and sitting positions," Humanscale said. "Float makes standing almost effortless and instant," the brand added.

"By eliminating awkward cranks and noisy, slow motors, Float removes obstacles that typically discourage the use of height-adjustable desks."

Product: Float
Brand: Humanscale
Contact: [email protected]

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Float by Humanscale
Float by Humanscale
Float by Humanscale
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