A photograph of people playing in the Loop and Link sofa collection

Link & Loop furniture provides "joyful ways of sitting"

Dezeen Showroom: Spanish furniture brand Sancal has collaborated with Dutch design studio Raw Color to develop a playful seating collection, formed from modules that resemble giant squishy chain links.

The Link & Loop range includes the Link sofa, which is made from interconnected "links" that are strung together to form a couch of the desired length.

Multicoloured seating displayed in an interior, featuring various colours and sizes
Raw Color has designed the Link (top) and Loop (above) seating families

A more tubular version of these modules is also used to form the Loop pouf, with a backrest added to create a matching armchair and sofa.

"Link & Loop are visually connected by the cylinder," said Raw Color founders Daniera ter Haar and Christoph Brach. "The essential geometry allows the overall volume to be soft and tactile in its appearance."

A person sitting on a blue link sofa
The Link sofa resembles a chain

Both seating families are available in a range of plain colours, in addition to the speckled Kvadrat x Febrik Sprinkles collection.

The range also comes in a Designer's Edition, which combines different tonal colours into one patchwork design.

A stripy sofa, featuring blue, green and brown colours
The collection comes in a range of colours that can be combined together

All of the colours featured in the collection were chosen to play with light, shadow and volume, in a bid to manipulate perception.

"Illusion is not only a state of mind," Sancal said. "It's also part of a visual effect that Raw Color achieves when connecting light, shadow, colour and volume in softly rounded geometries."

Loop sofa in a mustard, yellow and brown colour
The Loop sofa is formed from two tubular modules

According to Sancal, the project was originally conceived as "the pandemic raged, with the conviction that one day we would sit together once again".

"Raw Color seeks to create new joyful ways of sitting," the brand explained.

That's also why, during the design process, the collaborative project was known under the working name Party.

A sofa and armchair by Sancal in warm colours
The seating collection aims to challenge traditional furniture design

Raw Color is based in Eindhoven and its previous projects include an Elbow Sock for coronavirus sneezing and a textile collection that visualises climate change data.

The studio's Loop and Link collection has been shortlisted in the seating design category of Dezeen Awards 2022 alongside Sabine Marcelis's sculptural Boa pouf and a wooden armchair called Lotte, which is designed to help people with age-related impairments stand up and sit down without assistance.

Collection: Loop and Link
Raw Color
Brand: Sancal

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