Corian Solid Surface helps develop sustainable spaces for people to live and work

Promotion: the Corian Design business of DuPont is actively moving towards circular economy principles by increasingly using recycled materials and reducing material waste in the production of its Corian Solid Surface material.

Corian Solid Surface offers interior designers and architects design solutions that enable them to create sustainable spaces for people to live, and is committed to deliver solutions that "drive the circular economy, solve climate change and help communities thrive".

A contemporary plant-filled bathroom featuring Corian Solid Surface in the colour Rosemary.
A contemporary plant-filled bathroom featuring Corian Solid Surface in the colour Rosemary. Top image: a skylight-lit kitchen for a country home featuring countertops in the brand's Carrara Crema colour

Corian Solid Surface is designed to be durable, last a long time and be easily repaired, which saves resources and money, says Corian Design. This also enables users to retain the "inherent value of their products" and results in a shorter loop of material circulation.

Some of the colours of the Corian Solid Surface material are made using five to 20 per cent of recycled material and ingredients, as certified by the independent certification organisation, Scientific Certification Systems (SCS).

This includes the colours Antarctica, Artista Beige, Artista Canvas, Artista Dust, Artista Gray, Cocoa Brown, Platinum, Raffia, Sahara, Silver Birch, Willow, Basalt Terrazzo, Domino Terrazzo, White Jasmin and Pebble Terrazzo.

"Corian Solid Surface is a durable product, as it is designed to last longer and can be easily repaired if needed, therefore holding the greatest potential for resource savings by maintaining operational utility longer and saving money on replacement purchases," said Corian.

Corian Solid Surface in Ash Aggregate was used to finish a contemporary restaurant's surfaces

Another move that forms part of the brand's wider mission to improve its circularity is that Corian Design has also developed a chartered sustainability course to help "make sustainability a reality in the building and design industry over the next decade".

The brand has also established its North American manufacturing facilities are zero waste to landfill.

A contemporary kitchen's table and surface made from Corian Solid Surface in the Dune Prima colour

Corian Solid Surface is made from a combination of environmentally-friendly pigments, aluminium trihydrate (ATH), pure acrylic resin (PMMA), which aims to ensure that surfaces are easy to clean.

The material can be used for a number of surfaces in a variety of spaces – ranging from bathroom basins to kitchen sinks – and intends to ensure that architects and interior designers meet the highest hygiene standards in commercial, residential and public spaces.

A restaurant with a counter made from Corian Solid Surface in the colour Ash Aggregate

Corian Solid Surface is non-porous, which prevents dirt, mould and bacteria from entering and staining the material. In addition, the material is non-toxic and non-allergenic and free from heavy metals.

The material has qualified for the Mindful Materials library, which is an organisation dedicated to reversing and reducing the embroidered impacts of the built environment through material choices, and the brand says that it also contributes to obtaining US Green Building Council LEEDS points.

The surface has also achieved the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification, which represents the "best-in-class achievement in volatile organic compounds testing on off gassing issued by an independent third-party authority recognised throughout Europe".

Corian Solid Surface in Neutral Aggregate is featured in a contemporary kitchen

Corian Design has recently expanded the range with eight new colours, which join the existing 90 in the Corian Solid Surface range and were created to give designers substantial design options for kitchens, cafes, bathrooms, receptions and other interiors.

Corian Design says that its strategy is informed by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and is in support of its parent brand DuPont's 2030 sustainability goals.

For more information about the new colours of Corian Solid Surface, visit the brand's website.

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