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Rendez-vous bench by Agape in an outdoor wet room

Vis-à-vis and Rendez-vous bathroom seating by Marco Carini for Agape

Dezeen Showroom: designer Marco Carini has created two seating designs made from recycled cork for Italian bathroom brand Agape, which are designed to provide a relaxing place to sit in the bathroom.

The designs include a lightweight stool named Vis-à-vis that can also be used as a small side table and the Rendez-vous bench, which provides extended seating for users to stretch out.

Vis-a-vis cork stool by Agape in a bathroom
Agape's cork stool can also be used as a side table

The Vis-à-vis stool has a cylindrical form made from heat-treated cork, with a curved cut-out that Agape describes as a "smiling" shape.

The Rendez-vous bench is made up of hand-woven cork ropes wrapped between recycled aluminium tubing, which is painted in a warm brick-toned red.

Rendez-vous bench by Agape
The bench provides extended seating

The cork used to produce Vis-à-vis and Rendez-vous was sourced from material discarded from the production of wine bottle stoppers.

Designed for both residential and commercial interiors, the stool and bench are water-resistant and intended to provide a relaxing place to reflect.

Vis-a-vis cork stool by Agape in a bathroom
The seating is made from recycled cork

"Like in a child's drawing, or a fairy tale by Gianni Rodari, these whimsical and playful elements show both lightness and originality of thought," said Agape.

"In a world that wants everything neatly categorized and defined, these pieces celebrate their versatility and freedom of use."

Product: Vis-à-vis and Rendez-vous
Designer: Marco Carini
Brand: Agape
Contact: [email protected]

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