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Inchbald School of Design presents 10 student design projects

Dezeen School Shows: a 'fermentation library" and a project that transforms a former orphanage into a bathhouse are featured in Dezeen's latest school show by students at Inchbald School of Design.

Also featured is a project that combines two canal-side houses in Amsterdam and a rooftop bar situated beside St Paul's Cathedral.

Inchbald School of Design

Institution: Inchbald School of Design
Course: Inchbald Diploma in Garden Design, Inchbald Online Diploma in Garden Design, BA (Hons) Inchbald Diploma in Architectural Interior Design, BA (Hons) Architectural Interior Design, Inchbald Online Diploma in Architectural Interior Design, MA Architectural Interior Design,
Tutors: Alan Hughes, Andrew Duff and Corinne Blackburn

School statement:

"At the heart of Inchbald's diploma is analytical skill, practical knowledge, professionalism and encouragement of empathy with clients.

"Students express design concepts to explore their own design identity, tutors help unwrap students' potential to create a portfolio showcasing individual skills.

"Projects explore spatial and decorative aspects of real sites with residential and commercial briefs.

"Students explore hand and computer drawing – technical assignments cover joinery, plumbing, lighting, hard landscaping and planting.

"Inchbald graduates – from both in-house and online iterations of the course – hone skills including interpreting client's needs, assessing space and understanding the process to deliver professionally or continue study to BA or MA levels."

Visualisation showing an aerial view of a landscape with geometric overlay

Lanzarote Volcanic Garden by Renatta Cervantes

"This project celebrates mother earth's ability to regenerate herself – it shows admiration for the slow process of natural devastation and rebirth.

"The project represents the tenacity and dedication of biodiversity to regenerate and create new ecosystems after its destruction by showing a selection of native vegetation that emerged after volcanic explosions."

Student: Renatta Cervantes
Course: Inchbald Diploma in Garden Design

Sectional diagram of a multi-storey building

Boris Arts and Community Centre by Juliana Mazzucchelli

"I chose to convert an existing warehouse located in central London into an arts and community centre that aims to positively impact local people.

"Due to the fact that it was a large building this project was a challenge but also an opportunity to combine all the skills I've learned during this time, including technical drawings in VectorWorks, Sketchup and Photoshop visuals."

Student: Juliana Mazzucchelli
Course: BA (Hons) Inchbald Diploma in Architectural Interior Design
Email: juliana.mazzucchelli[at]

Visualisation of a hotel with pools

The Boutique Hotel by Lobna Zahran

"My final project was a boutique hotel near the Red Sea in Egypt. The plants are dispersed in planters and chosen for their ability to withstand high temperatures.

"The pale colour scheme represents the colour of desert plants."

Student: Lobna Zahran
Course: Inchbald Online Diploma in Garden Design
Email: lobnazahrandesigns[at]

Visualisation of a seating area with bifold doors

Private Dining by Lauren Long

"Given the brief to transform an expensive and blank industrial style building on Fashion Street, Urban Varietal was created as a blended retail and hospitality brand that sells a fully immersive wine experience.

"UV was created with the intent of metaphorically transporting city dwelling patrons to the tasting rooms and cellar doors of world class vineyards."

Student: Lauren Long
Course: BA (Hons) Architectural Interior Design
Email: longlaurenliz[at]

Aerial view of two buildings and a garden

Beulah Masterplan by Rachel Sporborg

"Sporborg believes empathy, flair and attention to detail are all crucial when it comes to successfully designing for her clients. She makes it an exciting and personal experience as it's important to connect and feel confident in the suggestions being made.

"She has a versatile, innovative design style, always seeking to tailor to the individual client and location. Her aim is to marry a home with its surroundings and wider landscape in a sustainable manner."

Student: Rachel Sporborg
Course: Inchbald Diploma in Garden Design
Email: thesporborgs[at]

Visualisation of a bar seating area with St Pauls in the background

Rooftop Bar by Paulina Delacher

"The Rooftop Bar is situated on the top of a building near St Paul's Cathedral. The site called for an exploration of the idea of view, both direct and obscured.

"This works both ways to reveal the cathedral view by degrees and to make the user feel secure by providing exposure and cover in equal measure.

"The skylight acted as a further visual distraction, building on the idea of the infinite sky, expanding the proportions and echoing the geometry of the cathedral."

Student: Paulina Delacher
Course: BA (Hons) Architectural Interior Design

Visualisation showing the exterior of a white building

Control Tower by Agnes Meteliscenkovaite

"Sometimes it can be hard to turn our deepest dreams into tangible and functional living environments.

"One should not be deprived of the desired living arrangements only because it may be a complicated process of visualising and implementing one's dream.

"I want to listen to people, I want to create and bring to life real designs reflecting the unique personalities and lifestyles of each client.

"I want to create timeless and ambitious designs which will resonate worldwide."

Student: Agnes Meteliscenkovaite
Course: Inchbald Online Diploma in Architectural Interior Design

Visualisation of a slice of land with a building and its grounds

Wick House by Arzu Tanman Bitar

"I evolved the building that was last used as an orphanage into a comprehensive bathhouse and spa for both Richmond locals and visitors from out of town.

"My inspiration for the overall image stemmed from the look and feel of the Netflix series Bridgerton.

"The rich textures, elegant and subtle blues of the Georgian period, and natural floral patterns were incorporated to create a sense of calmness, fabricating for the perfect balance of relaxation and refinement."

Student: Arzu Tanman Bitar
Course: MA Architectural Interior Design
Email: yaztanman[at]

Sectional diagram of a multi-storey building

Prinsengracht by Jonna Jarvenpaa

"Two canal-side houses in Amsterdam were combined to create a tranquil home. I deflected the view to consider the back of the leading house and create a courtyard feel around the bridge between the two buildings.

"A small coffee house in the basement pays tribute to the previous life of the site as a publishing house, referencing the printed word other reading materials.

"The house is calm thanks to its long views, generous spaces and small 'pause points' around the space to exploit shorter views, artwork and contemplation."

Student: Jonna Jarvenpaa
Course: BA (Hons) Architectural Interior Design

Visualisation showing wood-lined interior

The Fermentation Library by Farid Fakhre

"The Fermentation Library is an Enerphit building that aims to bring down the energy expenditure of the building by 80 per cent through increased insulation, building airtightness and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

"This is a project designed with the local community in mind, so extra care has been taken for an inclusive design that uses a limited palette of materials to create an array of textures via light that is manipulated through the use of wooden slats."

Student: Farid Fakhre
Course: Inchbald Diploma in Architectural Interior Design
Email: farid[at]

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