Glowing pink lamp hung in window

Sunne light by Marjan van Aubel for Sunne

Dezeen Showroom: Dutch lighting brand Sunne has collaborated with designer Marjan van Aubel to create a sunlight-mimicking lamp that is exclusively powered by solar energy.

The brand's Sunne light contains photovoltaic cells and is designed to be suspended in front of a window, enabling it to collect solar energy during the day and light up at night.

Lamp hung up outside with sun behind it
Sunne uses photovoltaic technology

The lamp is informed by the appearance of a horizon, and is a 85 centimetre long landscape-oriented panel that is designed to be suspended in the air via two wires attached to either end of its top edge.

Sunne has three settings – Sunne Rise, Sunne Light and Sunne Set – which are controlled via a smartphone app.

Glowing orange lamp hung in window
The lamp has changeable settings that replicate light from three different times of day

It contains an integrated battery that stores the collected solar power, thus doesn't require an external power source.

"The sun is an unlimited free source of energy and is key to fighting our climate crisis," said designer Marjan van Aubel. "By embedding solar technology, like Sunne, into our everyday lives, together we can accelerate the transition to a solar-powered future."

Product: Sunne
Brand: Sunne
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Glowing pink lamp hung in window
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