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5-in-1 glass set by Joe Colombo for Karakter

5-in-1 glass set by Joe Colombo via Karakter

Dezeen Showroom: created in 1970 by Italian designer Joe Colombo and released by Danish brand Karakter, the 5-in-1 set features five glasses that stack together to create one sculptural object.

The 5-in-1 set contains a functional cognac glass, white wine glass, red wine glass, grappa glass and water glass, all expressed in different shapes and sizes.

Photograph of glasses inside one another on white background
The pieces include glasses for wine, cognac and grappa

Stacked one into the other, the pieces create a visual impact while reducing clutter in storage cupboards.A legend of Italian industrial design, Colombo practised painting and sculpture before taking up design in the 1950s, and according to Karakter, that artistic background is on display in the 5-in-1.

Photograph of glasses on wooden table
The collection includes a glass for red wine

"The 5-in-1 is the perfect homeware item for design lovers who also prioritise functionality," said Karakter founder and CEO Christian Bjerg Elving. "It's a timeless piece guaranteed to be enjoyed again and again."

The 5-in-1 set is made of clear, mouth-blown, lead-free crystal, with glasses ranging in height from six to 11 centimetres.

Product: 5-in-1
Designer: Joe Colombo
Brand: Karakter
Contact: [email protected]

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