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Nardi launches recycled plastic table and stool collection designed to look like timber furniture

Promotion: Italian outdoor furniture brand Nardi has released a stool and table collection created by designer Raffaello Galiotto, which have a linear design informed by strips of wood.

Nardi's Stack stool and Combo table are made from 100 per cent recyclable regenerated polypropylene according to the brand, which has been treated to reference the appearance of traditional timber furniture.

Both the stool and table are lightweight and are designed to be easy to lift and handle. The products are also entirely weatherproof, making them suitable for outdoor use.

Photograph of short stools next to short table on white bacckdrop
The Stack Mini stool and Combo 60 table are made from recycled plastic

Nardi's Stack stool comes in two seat height options – Mini and Maxi – that are both stackable and take up minimal space when stored.

Unlike traditional stackable seating, Stack has a spiral-shaped design that creates a column of interlocking stools that have a minimal spatial footprint.

"The spiral design is not a mere aesthetic whim, but the search for a shape that perfectly meets the need for rotational stacking, going beyond the classic design of the outer strip," said Raffaello Galiotto.

Detail of stools while stacked
Stack stools interconnect to form a column when stacked

Combo is a table with a round top supported by four slim legs. It can be made into a taller table – Combo High – by using an extension component that fits on top of the legs.

The tabletop has been engineered by Nardi to retain perfect flatness despite rigorous use over time and exposure to the elements.

The collection's materiality makes pieces suitable for outside settings
The collection's materiality makes pieces suitable for outside settings 

All pieces are available in one finish called 'terra', in reference to their earthy brown colour and matt textural finish.

Terra is designed to have a vintage-effect, created with tonal streaks through the plastic, which give subtle surface variation making each piece unique.

Instead of being smooth to the touch like other plastic products, Nardi has given Stack and Combo a rough texture that mimics the feel of wood.

"With a linear design and thick sections inspired by strips of wood, the Stack stool and Combo table stand out for their sturdiness, safety and ergonomics," said Nardi.

To view more about Nardi, visit its website.

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