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Earthy bedroom interior with custom bed

Ten earthy bedrooms that use natural colours to create a restful environment

In our latest lookbook, we highlight 10 bedroom interiors that introduce earthy colour palettes and natural materials to evoke a sense of calm and tranquility.

Warm tones of earthen brown and light neutrals were used alongside colourful pops of terracotta and leafy greens on soft furnishings, headboards and decorations to create a peaceful atmosphere in these bedrooms.

Stone surfaces, timber panelling, linen fabric, accents of clay and limewash finishes add subtle textures to the interior spaces.

This is the latest in our lookbooks series, which provides visual inspiration from Dezeen's archive. For more inspiration see previous lookbooks featuring jewel-toned hotel interiors, kitchens with marble surfaces and biophilic homes.

Brown bedroom in house in Mexico City by Chloe Mason Gray
Photo by Fabian Martinez

Colonia Condesa House, Mexico, by Chloé Mason Gray

For the renovation of this mid-20th century house in Mexico City, local interiors studio Chloé Mason Gray embraced the lack of natural light coming into the space by introducing dark, earthy colours and textures.

The walls of the primary bedroom were coated in brown plaster, and the space was finished with a brown leather headboard and linen furnishings in deep shades of forest green.

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Interior of Casa Maiora by Studio Andrew Trotter in Puglia
Photo by Salva López

Casa Maiora, Italy, by Studio Andrew Trotter

Designed to mimic the surrounding landscape, Italian architecture practice Studio Andrew Trotter created this villa in Puglia with sandstone and limestone walls coated in a pink lime wash.

Stone floors complement the warm-toned walls while in the bedrooms, locally-sourced wooden antique furniture and large woven rugs add hints of deeper earthen shades.

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Bedroom interior of Dumbo Loft by Crystal Sinclair Designs
Photo by Seth Caplan

Dumbo Loft, USA, by Crystal Sinclair Designs

New York interiors studio Crystal Sinclair Designs punctuated the pale white backdrop of this bedroom in a Brooklyn loft apartment with caramel shades of brown and natural textures.

A yellow-brown velvet chair, rustic tiles that wrap around the lower half of structural columns, and a wooden batten wall help to make the space cosier and more inviting.

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De Beauvoir Townhouse by HÛT
Photo by Emanuelis Stasaitis

De Beauvoir Townhouse, UK, by HÛT

As part of the overhaul of a home in London, British architecture studio HÛT finished the surfaces and joinery in the main bedroom in sage green, nodding to the use of green shades in the kitchen and living room downstairs.

According to the studio, the muted green colour was chosen for its timelessness and longevity, as well as for its visual appeal when paired with exposed timber.

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Interior of Hygge Studio by Melina Romano
Photo by MCA Estúdio

Hygge Studio, Brazil, by Melina Romano

Brazilian designer Melina Romano used a myriad of earthy colours, textures and decorations to achieve a modern interior with "rustic charm" in this São Paulo apartment.

Terracotta flooring and creamy brick walls were complemented with comfy furniture and soft furnishing in earthy tones, including the rust-coloured bed frame and elongated headboard in the bedroom.

Romano also added a tropical leafy plant, branches speckled with lichen and insect-shaped wall art to the space.

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Custom bed in Twentieth house by Woods and Dangaran
Photo by Joe Fletcher

Twentieth, USA, by Woods + Dangaran

Wood panelling, vintage furnishings and earthy-brown colours characterise the interior spaces of the Twentieth house in Santa Monica by Los Angeles studio Woods +Dangaran, which was built around an olive tree.

The primary bedroom was designed to feel flush and luxurious, with a Mehraban silk shag rug, brass fixtures and a custom bed recessed into a wooden surround.

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Bedroom in Flat#6 by Studio MK27
Photo by Fran Parente

Flat #6, Brazil, by Studio MK27

Also featuring a custom-made wooden bed surround is this bedroom designed by local architecture and design practice Studio MK27.

The practice added tactile rugs, blankets and fabric wall panels in various shades of brown and light neutrals to contrast with the basalt stone flooring in the São Paulo apartment.

"Natural light warms up every piece and every corner, letting the woods, the velvets and the stones speak louder," said Studio MK27.

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Escondido Oaxa Hotel by Decada Muebles
Photo by Undine Pröhl

Escondido Oaxaca Hotel, Mexico, by Decada Muebles

Interiors studio Decada Muebles finished the bedrooms of this boutique hotel in Oaxaca City with woven palm leaf headboards and sabino wood furniture pieces made by local artisans, including side tables, bed frames and shutters.

Alongside the wood accents, stucco walls help to add warmth and texture to the space and create a relaxing place for vacationers to stay.

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The Palace Gate by Tala Fustok
Photo by Michael Sinclair

The Palace Gate Apartment, UK, by Tala Fustok Studio

Local interior design practice Tala Fustok Studio transformed this west London apartment into a "calm sanctuary" with a mixture of stone textures, earthy fabrics and a soft-warm colour palette.

The centrepiece of the bedroom is a 1960s-style velvet bed in a dusty pink hue. Decorative items surrounding it include a wall tapestry, a modern stone fireplace and an organically-shaped ceramic statue.

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Lom Haijai by Studionomad
Photo by Supee Juntranggur

Lom Haijai, Thailand, by Studionomad

Lom Haijai is an apartment block in Bangkok designed by architecture practice Studionomad, which features trees growing through the facade's louvres.

Each bedroom in the apartment block has a Juliet balcony that looks over an internal courtyard. Wooden flooring and wall panelling add to the nature-inspired theme of the design.

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This is the latest in our lookbooks series, which provides visual inspiration from Dezeen's archive. For more inspiration see previous lookbooks featuring jewel-toned hotel interiors, kitchens with marble surfaces and biophilic homes.