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Elon Musk's Boring Company to build Project Amazing subdivision near Texas factory

US-based entrepreneur Elon Musk's Boring Company is developing a tract of land in Texas as housing for its employees.

Called Project Amazing, the development will be located in Bastrop County near Austin and contain 110 homes built for workers at the nearby facilities of the Boring Company.

Developed by homebuilder Lennar, the community will be situated in a largely rural area on a tract of land owned by Gappes Bass, an affiliate of the Boring Company, according to Business Insider.

"Housing subdivision to support the workers" at Boring Company

County commissioner Mel Hamner confirmed that the Boring Company and Lennar had applied to built the houses at a planning meeting covered by the Austin Business Journal.

"The Boring Company is working with Lennar to build this housing subdivision to support the workers there," said Hamner.

The neighbourhood is meant to house the workers for the Boring Company and possibly Musk's SpaceX facility, which is under construction nearby. The proposed site is also nearby to Musk's planned Tesla Gigafactory.

Musk, who also owns social media company Twitter, may be responding to the lack of houses for employees in the area. The Real Deal reported that buses have been seen transporting employees in and out of the Boring Company's facilities.

Project Amazing one of numerous Texas construction projects

The Boring Company was founded by Musk to build tunnels that will be used by electric cars to bypass congested motorways.

Project Amazing marks another step in the flurry of building being conducted by Musk's companies in Texas, after the businessman moved the Tesla headquarters and his personal residence there in 2021, from California.

Miami-based construction company Lennar, who Hamner cited as working on the project, is behind other building schemes in the area including a neighbourhood of 100 3D-printed houses called Wolf Ranch, created in collaboration with 3D-tech company ICON and architecture studio BIG.

Design details for the project have not been specified.