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Entrance to The Boring Company's LVCC Loop system with white Teslas in front, used to illustrate a story about the North Miami Beach Loop

Commenter says Elon Musk's ideas "border on genius"

In this week's comments update, readers are debating Elon Musk's plan to construct the North Miami Beach Loop tunnel and discussing other top stories.

Musk's infrastructure firm The Boring Company has submitted plans to construct the North Miami Beach Loop tunnel in Miami, which would shuttle people in a dedicated fleet of Tesla cars from the north of the city to the beach.

According to a proposal seen by Business Insider, the six-mile-long tunnel would connect the commuter railway station at Golden Glades with Sunny Isles Beach on the city's eastern coast.

"How's this different from an underground railway?"

Readers are divided. "Amazing," said Squiddy. "I'm a big fan of long tunnels with no escape provisions and cars that have a habit of spontaneously bursting into flames or stopping and locking everyone inside. Another fantastic idea from Mr. Musk."

"How's this different from an underground railway?" asked Simon Evans.

Dave W replied: "It is so easy to ridicule new ideas and the outside-the-box thinkers that create them. This is Elon's version of the Paris Metro, the London Tube, or my own Vancouver Sky Train. It is not a new idea in itself, but it might be worth the effort to think about it for a while. There are a number of advantages that such a system brings to mind."

Muckers 270 agreed: "It's easy to ridicule Elon Musk's ideas but one has to think that those that never actually see the light of day must have a degree of lunacy almost bordering on genius."

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2022-shaped building in Qatar
Qatar builds 2022-shaped building to mark World Cup year

Commenter calls 2022-shaped Qatar building "timeless"

Readers are discussing architect Ibrahim M Jaidah's design for a building in Doha, Qatar, that's in the shape of the year 2022. It was created to coincide with the country hosting the FIFA World Cup.

"Looks a bit dated," joked Tom.

"Timeless," added Davvid.

"Just another 180 years and it's relevant again," concluded JayCee.

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Adjaye Mass timber Plants Quayside Toronto
Adjaye Associates designs mass-timber building covered in plants for Toronto's waterfront

Readers predict "a lot of dead plants" on Adjaye Associates-designed building

Commenters aren't convinced by Adjaye Associates' design for a plant-covered building that will form part of a development on Toronto's waterfront.

"For the one month in summer when you can use your balcony, it will be great," said Bubba10. "However, I have heard that in other green buildings with planted balconies, the mosquitoes are so bad that the residents can't open their glass doors."

"Winter is not as long as it used to be," replied Design Junkie. "But I foresee a lot of dead plants and trees in this seasonal climate. It's often very windy down on the waterfront. I fear this place in the winter will look like a dry dead forest."

Jacapo had other thoughts: "I would be curious to know what the costs are of maintaining it added to the monthly building expenses and how much it works out as per apartment each month. Either way, rich people can afford it, and actually, they give work to people tending the plants."

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Image of the high-rise church among other tall buildings
Behet Bondzio Lin Architekten combines "sacred and ordinary" in concrete church tower

Commenters call concrete church "medieval and war-like"

Readers are intrigued by a church and social welfare centre in New Taipei City, Taiwan, designed by German practice Behet Bondzio Lin Architekten. It is housed in a high-rise concrete block topped with an angular roof.

"This structure is very medieval and war-like in its appearance," said Ken Steffes.

"Wow," continued Chris. "An acoustic drumset probably sounds fantastic in this massively reflective space... The design doesn't seem fit for use."

"This is what we call having the highest spirits," added Pavarreon. "Take a lift from the altar and climb to God. Interesting new age cathedral. It is surprising to look at this kind of brutalist edifice. Perhaps to catch God's attention?"

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