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Facade of a slate-clad building with a sloping roof and a grass lawn in front

Cupa Pizarras creates cladding system that "utilises the beauty of natural slate"

Promotion: architectural cladding brand Cupa Pizarras has developed a slate cladding system named Cupaclad, which is designed to showcase the material's aesthetic quality while improving a building's insulation.

Cupa Pizarras developed the cladding to provide ecological and sustainable slate finishes that can be applied to modern architectural designs.

The brand describes Cupaclad as "an innovative cladding system that utilises the beauty and class of natural slate".

Slate-clad rectangular building with large windows on grass
The cladding was designed to have a modern appearance

To create the cladding system, Cupa Pizarras combined natural slate with a rainscreen application method, in which the cladding is attached to the outside of the building envelope with a ventilated cavity in between.

According to Cupa Pizarras, the rainscreen cladding method increases the building's thermal and sound insulation.

"The use of highly durable tectonic slate, new fixing systems and rainscreen cladding efficiency make Cupaclad a competitive, totally sustainable alternative for cladding any type of facade," said Cupa Pizarras.

Top two storeys of a slate-clad building and large windows
Cupaclad offers rainscreen cladding

Slate was chosen for its durability against harsh weather conditions and long life span.

"Cupaclad natural slate is specially selected for its technical properties," said Cupa Pizarras. "Once installed, it has a lifespan of more than 100 years."

"In addition to the high resistance, it's a non-combustible material, which increases the building's safety."

Slate-clad building with a steep-pitched roof and wood louvres
It can be used on facades and roofs

The cladding is handcrafted without the need for chemical treatments and was designed to be easy to install by facade contractors.

Cupaclad was chosen for the exterior cladding of Southern New Hampshire University's College of Engineering, Technology and Aeronautics (above), which was designed by US architecture studio HGA.

A two-storey home with a slate exterior and balcony with glass balustrades
It is available in different formats

The cladding is available in different formats and the Cupaclad 101 Random design was selected for the university building.

It is also made up of different-sized slate pieces that create a dynamic surface across the facades and roofing.

Two-storey home with a roof terrace
The slate offers durability against harsh weather

The cladding system was also used to cover the Fairfield Library in Virginia to provide a contemporary and sleek finish.

Originally opened in 1976, an extension to the library was planned to upgrade the building to suit the community's needs. Around 1,500 square metres of slate cladding covers the exterior and improves the building's durability.

A home made up of two pitched buildings covered in slate cladding with a paved driveway in front
Cupa Pizarras creates a range of cladding solutions

"Slate guarantees a perfect performance in any weather condition," said Cupa Pizarras. "Fire-resistance and waterproofing of the slate also made this material the perfect solution for a large building that can host hundreds of visitors and all sorts of cultural events."

Cupaclad can earn buildings up to 19 points as part of the LEED environmental certification scheme.

A number of buildings that feature Cupaclad have achieved LEED Gold status, including Fairfield Library and the community centre Palisades Recreation Centre in California.

Cupa Pizarras is committed to creating innovative and sustainable systems for architectural cladding and roofing. Find out more by visiting the brand's website.

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