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3D model showing shiny building model on blue grey background

UCLA Summer Programs presents 10 architecture projects

Dezeen School Shows: a futuristic interior that imagines Eames furniture in outer space is included in Dezeen's latest school show by students at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Also included is a pavilion that takes cues from the structure of amethyst crystals and a maze designed to disorientate visitors by manipulating light and shadow.


Institution: UCLA
School: Architecture and Urban Design
Course: Summer Programs
Tutors: Katarina Richter-Lunn​, ​Pooneh Erami​, ​Gibson Bastar​, ​Steven Katz​, ​Sunay Rajbhandari​, ​Nate Waddell​, ​Sarah Kanbar​, ​Jorel Sanchez Soto​, ​Gabe Strzepek, ​Charles Pearson​, ​Sandra Chen​, ​Charley Andrews​, ​Kinamee Rhodes, ​Evan Bruetsch, ​Lufeng Long, ​Stijn Cuevas​, ​Areeba Naeem​, ​Zirui Wang​, ​Alvaro Guillen-Vardakostas​, ​Naomi Steinhagen​, ​Senna Hanner-Zhang​, ​Casey Knudsen​, ​Dami Olufowoshe​, ​Hannah Hortick​, ​Bella Rosa​, ​Artin Sahakian​, ​Akana Jayewardene​, ​Monica Roh​, Frank Yang, Aura Venckunaite​, ​Morgane Copp​, ​Melissa Rovner​,  ​Blane Hornung​, ​Shane Reiner-Roth​, ​Cayden Zayne Abu Arja​, ​Philip Brown​, ​Spencer Hayden​, ​Kyoung Eun Park​, ​Wei Qiu​ and ​Carrie Gammell

School statement:

"UCLA Architecture and Urban Design (AUD) offers two summer programmes, TeenArch and JumpStart – TeenArch is open to high school students and JumpStart is geared toward prospective and current undergraduate and graduate students, as well as early and mid-career professionals.

"Alongside design tools and perspectives, both programmes offer students a glimpse into life at one of the leading public universities in the world and the opportunity to earn college credit.

"Structured around the experience of a design studio typically offered within the curriculum of a college-level architecture programme, students focus on developing and advancing their design skills through space, form-making and related 2D and 3D representation techniques.

"Led by AUD summer programs director Julia Koerner and assistant director Morgane Copp, both the JumpStart program and TeenArch Studio engage students in a wide range of activities from intensive design exercises, individual feedback sessions and small group discussions to studio-wide presentations and reviews.

"Students will be introduced to the conceptual and technical facilities essential to the study of architecture as a discipline and its practice as a profession.

"To supplement studio activities, weekly lectures from UCLA faculty and notable guest designers will explore the many facets of idea-driven design, as well as urban and design culture in Los Angeles.

"Both programmes culminate in final presentations of work to guest critics, offering students a chance to apply their skills and gain experience and poise with giving professional presentations.

"Students leave the programmes with new design languages and insights, as well as a design portfolio they can use to apply to future design programmes."

Image showing curved floor in interior space with furniture and plants

Eames House in Space by Eli Henrickson

"As we embark on a new era of space exploration – one that radically expands the domain of the celestial medium to overlap with the human habitat – living environments in space must be reconsidered.

"The warmth and humanistic brilliance that Eames brought to design, set diametrically opposed to the inhospitable backdrop of space, brings forth the message that we must bring a sense of play with us as we venture beyond Earth."

Student: Eli Henrickson
Course: JumpStart 2021
Tutor: Spencer Hayden

Visualisation showing segment of tall building with exterior yellow staircases

Studio Tower by Jasmin Logrono

"Studio Tower was inspired by the mezzanine in the studio of the Eames House and is composed of single-living apartment units that would be ideal in a busy city.

"Each unit is meant to be completely bare to allow residents to create a living space that is truly their own."

Student: Jasmin Logrono
Course: JumpStart 2021
Tutor: Spencer Hayden

Digitally rendered model showing two buildings on a brown base

The Landing by Melody Wang

"We were tasked to design an additional residence for Monsanto House that was reimagined as a typical single-family home in Los Angeles. This project begins by removing two of the wings of the original house.

"The wings were pulled down and distorted to create a two-storey 750-square-foot (70-square-metre) home spliced together by a central hallway.

"The resulting residence shares the visual language of its neighbour's curves, but is grounded and monolithic where the Monsanto House is buoyant."

Student: Melody Wang
Course: JumpStart 2022
Tutor: Morgane Copp

Architectural drawing plan view showing larger and smaller home connected by walkway

Monsanto Twins by Audrey Willey

"The house a family calls home lives through a life of its own. How can the continuation of life's affairs be represented in architecture through modular repetition?

"The Monsanto Twins house is an adaptation of the original structure designed for a couple who adds space for a set of twins – and then another set of twins."

Student: Audrey Willey
Course: JumpStart 2022
Tutor: Morgane Copp

Architectural drawing plan view showing spiral-shaped house

Hybernating Monsanto by Robert Wilson

"The plasticity and modularity of the 1957 Monsanto House were preserved in the attached outhouse through the extension of a single unit.

"The organic form of the dwelling breaks from the programme of the original Monsanto House, which separates itself from nature through both its elevated platform as well as its systematic geometric form.

"Rather than follow this programme, the additional dwelling situates itself within the ground plane to bring it closer to nature and maximise privacy, while its organic outline is highlighted in plan by tangential lines that form recessed light wells and a marked lack of linearity lending it a natural form."

Student: Robert Wilson
Course: JumpStart 2022
Tutor: Morgane Copp

Visualisation showing rendered view of pleated building through column-lined walkway with 2D figures

Tilted Pleats by Kevin Yang

"Inspired by Paul Jackson's pleat folding technique, the repetitive triangle patterns grant this pavilion the ability to stretch and fold.

"In addition, these patterns help the pavilion with its intended function of complicating its surroundings while providing a visual impact to the audience."

Student: Kevin Yang
Course: TeenArch 2022
Tutor: Nate Waddell

Architectural drawing sectional view showing fragmented pavilion with extruded rectangular walls

Cristallo di Ametista by Allison Hernandez

"The structure is inspired by amethyst crystals – it incorporates the qualities of the crystal into its design and functionality.

"The interior is designed to be a space for studying, socialising and relaxation, allowing people to connect with others and find peace within their environment.

"While making this prototype, I found that this is what best fits me as a social butterfly."

Student: Allison Hernandez
Course: TeenArch 2022
Tutor: Steven Katz

Photograph of pink model with arching metal structures

Spectral Pathways by Ann Pustam

"This pavilion concept aims to increase and improve how viewers and users utilise, perceive and move around the Perloff courtyard.

"The shape was inspired by Josef Albers's ability to create mass and volume with simple methods of cutting and extruding on a system of lines and vertices.

"This concept uses a series of extruded parallel lines curved into mountain folds which define this fluid, free-forming and volumetric S-shaped curve.

"The resultant forms act as a pathway from point A to B, creating a space that is both functional as a guide and a sculptural art piece that can be appreciated aesthetically.

"Overall, this piece serves as a way to contextualise the function and circulation of the Perloff courtyard, making it a more absorbing and stimulating experience for users and viewers."

Student: Ann Pustam
Course: TeenArch 2022
Tutor: Nate Waddell

Architectural drawing plan view showing maze with grid-like and rounded walls casting shadows

Collection of Paths by Ayumu Okumura

"I aimed to create a maze as the basis for my work – the paths are divided as you enter the pavilion.

"By mixing various variants in each path, shadows are created."

Student: Ayumu Okumura
Course: TeenArch 2022
Tutor: Steven Katz

3D model showing two highly polished and reflective houses on blue background

Monsanto Squircle by Hailey Jeon

"This dwelling was constructed for a group of friends who had previously resided in the Monsanto House. Adopting foster children who were in their late teens meant that the inhabitants would require more privacy and space as time goes on.

"An outhouse was created with the goal of housing more adopted children in the future.

"The project is the outcome of altering a portion of the Monsanto House in a variety of ways, such as reflecting, rotating and extruding to emphasise the original building's curved design and futuristic features even more."

Student: Hailey Jeon
Course: JumpStart 2022
Tutor: Morgane Copp

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