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Pepsi rebrand

This week we revealed Pepsi's first rebrand in 14 years

This week on Dezeen, we published drinks brand Pepsi's new logo, which drew from the past and looked to the future while aiming to be "undeniably Pepsi".

Released to mark Pepsi's 125th anniversary, the rebrand drew on its 1990s logo and used black wording to draw attention to Pepsi Zero Sugar.

"We designed the new visual identity to connect future generations with our brand's heritage, transcending everything we know and love about the brand to create something current and undeniably Pepsi," PepsiCo chief design officer Mauro Porcini told Dezeen.

Voll Arkitekter's Mjøstårnet
We continued the Timber Revolution series by focusing on tall mass-timber buildings

Continuing our Timber Revolution series, we looked at the growing trend for high-rise mass-timber buildings. We profiled one of the world's first true timber skyscrapers, the 85.4-metre-high Mjøstårnet tower in Norway, and rounded up the world's 10 tallest buildings with mass-timber structures.

We questioned the race to build tall by asking mass-timber experts about the practicalities of taller wooden buildings.

"For most buildings, tall timber does not make sense," said Arup fellow Andrew Lawrence. "Timber's natural home is low-rise construction," he told Dezeen.

Radiant Matter sequin suit by Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney created a bodysuit using biosequins

In design news, British fashion brand Stella McCartney unveiled a sleeveless bodysuit covered in sequins made from tree cellulose developed by biomaterials company Radiant Matter.

"Our BioSequins are the response to a gap in the market between sustainable and aesthetic parameters that the industry struggled to close," Radiant Matter founder Elissa Brunato told Dezeen.

Deck-access housing at Park Hill
Deck-access housing is making a comeback, argued Rory Olcayto this week

In an opinion piece on Dezeen, writer Rory Olcayto argued that deck-access housing, which unfairly become a symbol for urban squalor, was making a comeback in the UK.

"'Housing for dirty people' is back and I welcome it, especially when compared with alternatives like residential towers," he wrote in the piece.

Junko Kobayashi toilet in Tokyo
Junko Kobayashi designed a toilet for the Tokyo Toilet project

In Japan, two more toilets were opened as part of the long-running Tokyo Toilet project, which will see 17 public toilets created in the city.

Specialist toilet designer Junko Kobayashi unveiled a weathering steel toilet topped with a yellow disc (above), while Miles Pennington's contribution aims to be the "centre of the local community".

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos created minimalist in Spain
Fran Silvestre Arquitectos created minimalist in Spain

Popular projects on Dezeen this week included a minimalist home in Spain, a flood-resilient house in Vietnam and a brick school in Tanzania.

Our latest lookbooks featured bathrooms with tranquil sunken baths and bedrooms featuring regal four-poster beds.

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