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Versus tapestries by Margrethe Odgaard for Ca'lyah

Seating and decor by Ca'lyah is listed on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: Danish design brand Cal'yah has presented a range of its products on Dezeen Showroom, including tapestries made from wool and silk that encapsulate the colours of Nepal.

Ca'lyah's Versus tapestries were created by textile designer Margrethe Odgaard, who aimed to distil the colours present in the cityscapes and landscapes of Nepal into four graphic wall hangings.

Versus tapestries by Margrethe Odgaard for Ca'lyah
The tapestries are informed by the country of Nepal

Each tapestry displays two corresponding and contrasting hues made from 50 per cent silk and 50 per cent wool, which is handcrafted by local artisans using a well-honed knotting technique.

The natural quality of the materials give the pieces a characteristic lustre that catches light over the course of the day. The pieces come in standard sizes as well as bespoke dimensions.

Three wooden chair with circular white and green upholstered seats by Ca'lyah
The seats have velour-upholstered seats and backs

Created by designer Boris Berlin for Ca'lyah, Tranquebar Seating includes both chairs and stools that feature bold patterned upholstery.

The frames are made from FSC-certified oak and have round seats and backrests that are softened by cushioned velour upholstery by Danish company Kvadrat.

Dark wood stool
The stool has a rimmed seat that can be upholstered at a later date

Ca'lyah's Tranquebar stools are sold un-upholstered, however their circular seats have an indentation that allows for added padding in future.

The design lengthens the piece's lifespan by allowing for easy customisation down the line, and its timeless timber frame can change to adapt to future trends and tastes.

Three wooden chairs in natural, white and black stain finishes by Ca'lyah
Abhito chairs have a playful, angular form

The brand's Abhito furniture collection was created by designer Satyendra Pakhalé and comprises a chair, stool, bench and coffee table made from birch wood.

The collection's chair – called Satellite – features a handle cut out from the back of the seat and is designed to encourage an active sitting posture in the user.

Black Abhito birch wood chair by Ca'lyah
Chairs come in a choice of stained or natural finishes

Ca'lyah is a Danish design brand that aims to combine Nordic design conventions with aesthetics from different cultures from around the globe.

Founded in 2019, the studio is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and regularly collaborates with external designers.

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