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Link modular storage system by Askia Furniture

Dezeen Showroom: Romanian brand Askia Furniture has released a modular storage system designed to enhance the versatility and utility of the Kameleon Office Booths.

Link comprises a series of storage solutions and additional functionalities that can be used to connect Askia Furniture's Kameleon work pods together.

Booths connexted by storage devices
Link contains storage solutions as well as decorative items

"We realised that, whether they are single-person cabins or larger, Kameleon pods are frequently positioned next to each other," said Askia Furniture designer and creative director Dragos Motica.

"By connecting the pods with diverse storage modules available in the Link system, Askia Furniture offers the possibility for clients and architects to insert Kameleon acoustic pods in a much more harmonious and efficient way within a workspace."

Office booths in high-ceilinged workplace
Kameleon office booths can be connected and enhanced by Link

Link includes cupboards and lockers for storage, as well as shelves, hooks, plant pots, peg boards and other accessories to personalise the pods.

All components come in a range of colourways and finishes to suit the design scheme of any workplace interior.

Product: Kameleon Office Booth
Brand: Askia Furniture
Contact: [email protected]

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