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Re.Wrap by The Collective Agency

Re.Wrap by Ric Frampton for The Collective

Dezeen Showroom: British designer Ric Frampton has created an acoustic panel system for The Collective that is informed by origami and made from plastic waste.

Re.Wrap is a 100 per cent recyclable fabric-wrap acoustic wall and ceiling system that is constructed from reclaimed and waste PET.

Re.Wrap by The Collective Agency
Re.Wrap is an acoustic wall and ceiling panel

The acoustic system was designed by Frampton in collaboration with The Collective who were tasked with creating a low-carbon acoustic solution that is characterised by its material circularity.

According to The Collective, the panel system was inspired by the folding precision of origami and also the wrapping of chairs and furniture in upholstery.

Detail photo of Re.Wrap
It does not use any glue or adhesives

The panels use no glues or adhesives and are made up of only three materials, reclaimed PET, aluminium and fabric, which means the panels can be easily disassembled, reused and or refurbished.

Panels are available in a range of different sized and configurations measuring up to 2600 millimetres tall and 1000 millimetres wide.

Product: Re.Wrap
Designer: Ric Frampton
Brand: The Collective
Contact: [email protected]

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Re.Wrap by The Collective Agency
Re.Wrap by The Collective Agency
Re.Wrap by The Collective Agency
Re.Wrap by The Collective Agency