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Dezeen Awards China 2023 design judge Min Chen

Five key projects by industrial designer and Dezeen Awards China judge Min Chen

Industrial designer Min Chen has joined Dezeen Awards China 2023 as a judge. Here, he selects five projects that best reflect his work.

Chen's Hangzhou-based practice Chen Min Design Office has worked with a variety of brands, including jewellery retailer Swarovski, sports brand Nike, fashion brand Loewe and coffeehouse chain Starbucks.

"I consider design as a language, which has its origins, depth, and history," Chen told Dezeen. "It stays open and evolves over time."

"My goal is to find the Chinese language in the world of design and establish innovative relations between tradition and modernisation," he added.

Currently, Chen is working on several projects for clients in Europe, Japan and the US, as well as curating the program for Design Shanghai's 2024 Neooold show.

Min Chen among Dezeen Awards China 2023 judges

Dezeen Awards China 2023 launched in June in partnership with Bentley Motors. It is the first regional edition of Dezeen Awards, celebrating the best architecture, interiors and design in China.

We have announced 10 out of 15 Dezeen Awards China judges, including architects Ma Yansong and Ting Yu, interior designers Ilse Crawford and Andre Fu, as well as industrial designer Michael Young, who will be joining Chen on the design judging panel.

Entries close on Thursday 24 August. Submit your entry before midnight Beijing time on 24 August to avoid late entry fees.

Read on to find Chen's views on the five projects that best represent his work.

Hangzhou Stool
Photo by Lewis Ronald

Hangzhou Stool

"Using traditional handcraft techniques combined with modern design theories, the Hangzhou Stool brings out the weight-bearing and flexible characteristics of the bamboo material itself, creating a serene and dynamic design language while expressing the relaxed and free urban atmosphere of Hangzhou.

"Hangzhou Stool was included in the permanent collection of Centre Pompidou in 2021."

Dezeen Awards China 2023 design judge Min Chen

CC mug

"CC is a playful thermos mug. The mug lid displays internal liquid temperature when it is inverted, increasing the safety of consuming hot liquid.

"Every mug is attached with three different filters for brewing tea, fruits or eggs."

Dezeen Awards China 2023 design judge Min Chen

Suit Chair

"Suit is a very sporty and healthy office chair. Its structure is informed by swimsuits.

"While providing a full range of health support for the body, it highlights the support of shoulders, increasing the safety of the office chair when tilting synchronously backwards.

"The smooth lines of the back similar to the drifting belt in Dunhuang [buddhist] fresco is a breakthrough in the study of domestic ergonomic chair form."

Dezeen Awards China 2023 design judge Min Chen


"The form of the window in traditional Chinese architecture is transformed into lighting through modern techniques and materials, replicating light reflecting into the interior through the window.

"The series includes some common shapes in Jiangnan gardens, which can be put on the wall or leaned against, and can change the light atmosphere of the space, making it a flexible lighting."

Dezeen Awards China 2023 design judge Min Chen


"Neooold is a permanent exhibition which was commissioned by Design Shanghai in 2019.

"Based on the abundant resources of traditional crafts and materials, it invites creatives worldwide to inherit and carry forward the essence of life. It is deeply rooted in the Chinese culture and tradition."

The photography is courtesy of Min Chen unless stated otherwise.

Dezeen Awards China 2023

Dezeen Awards China is the first regional edition of Dezeen Awards, to celebrate the best architecture, interiors and design in China. The annual awards are in partnership with Bentley Motors, as part of a wider collaboration that will see the brand work with Dezeen to support and inspire the next generation of design talent in China.