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Photo of R3 House

Curving glass walls puncture pink-toned house in Thailand

A blocky pink form and curving glass walls define House R3, a residence by Bangkok studio PHTAA on a compact roadside site in Thailand.

Made from concrete, the 400-square-metre home features living spaces across five levels to maximise the available space for a family of five.

Pink-toned exterior of House R3
PHTAA has created House R3 in Thailand

To give privacy from the nearby road, PHTAA infilled House R3's road-facing facade with concrete panels so that it is almost entirely solid.

Meanwhile, the opposite wall that faces a quieter street is lined with floor-to-ceiling glazing. On two levels, the glazed areas curve inwards to create a wavy facade.

Thai home with curved glazing
It is located in Bangkok

"The concrete stair core in the back position of the home had to be solid due to building regulations," studio co-founder Ponwit Ratanatanatevilai told Dezeen.

"So we utilised that law to serve the purpose of mitigating the vibration and noise pollution originating from the road," he continued.

Entrance of House R3 by PHTAA
The home has curved glass walls

"The front part of the home contains all the living spaces and faces the smaller road in the peaceful village, so we tried to put the open windows on this side," added Ratanatanatevilai.

On one side of the building angled towards the main road, PHTAA added a triangular terrace that is cut into the main volume and bordered by angled windows.

Photo of the ground floor of House R3
The exterior of the home is pink-toned

"When viewed from the back, the exterior looks solid," said the studio. "Instead, it reveals an opening from the side of the building in a twisted form."

A pink-toned, slatted gate separates the home from the street and offers access to the ground floor. Here, there is a parking area for the family's two vehicles.

On the other side of the covered parking area is a circulation space with a curved concrete staircase and kitchen.

Personal living areas and bedrooms for each member of the family are arranged across the other floors, excluding the second floor where there is a living room.

Ground floor of Thai home
There is a covered parking space

House R3's bedrooms have matching plans and take advantage of the curved glazing, which punctures the rooms and frames views of the village below.

To provide privacy, curtains can be pulled around the curving glass walls, which open onto covered balconies on both levels.

Living room of House R3 by PHTAA
A wood-lined living room occupies the second floor

The living room that takes up House R3's second floor has a straight, glazed wall on one side.

Its remaining walls are lined with wooden panelling as well as dark wooden joinery and mid-century furnishings that have been collected by the owner over time.

Photo of a bedroom in House R3 with a curved glass terrace
House R3's curved glass walls lead out to terraces

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The photography is by Kukkong Thirathomrongkiat.

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