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Ivory Flora panels by 3form

Ivory Flora panels by 3form

Dezeen Showroom: material brand 3form has created the Ivory Flora panel collection that offers a way to introduce botanical motifs to interiors while keeping a minimal colour palette.

3form refers to Ivory Flora as representing "biophilia's lighter side", with a range of flower and leaf designs in shades of white captured within the brand's translucent Varia resin panels.

Ivory Flora panels by 3form
The Ivory Flora designs include Mountain Fern with its whispery leaves

The designs were created by pressing dried botanicals within 3form's material, forming panels with depth and texture, which "come alive" under light.

"We've shifted the idea of biophilia as a colour additive and focused on the texture, detail and scale these organics offer," said 3form chief creative officer Ryan Smith. "The result is a surface that draws you into a stunning display of materiality."

Ivory Flora panels by 3form
Star Flower is a delicate design of preserved stemmed flowers

The Ivory Flora collection includes the Anahaw Palms design, which evokes natural shade on a sand beach with large, bleached palm leaves.

There is also Mountain Fern with its soft leaves, and Star Flower, a stemmed floral design that 3form says is perfect for health and wellness spaces.

Each design comes in three variations of scale, as well as two panel sizes and various thicknesses.

Product: Ivory Flora
Brand: 3form
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