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Rakino chair by Tim Rundle for Morgan

Rakino chair by Tim Rundle for Morgan

Dezeen Showroom: designer Tim Rundle worked closely with British brand Morgan to produce Rakino, a low lounge chair with a precision-crafted timber frame.

Rundle describes the Rakino chair as having "an upright, somewhat architectural, attitude" created through the right angles of the frame and detailing brought about by a combination of CNC machining and hand-finishing.

Photo of the Rakino chair by Tim Rundle for Morgan
The Rakino chair has an architectural frame created through straight lines and right angles

The straight lines of the frame are softened by the slightly bowed back support rail "as if formed by the act of leaning back in the chair".

The New Zealand-born, London-based designer said he created the chair to feel inviting and right for the home while also being suitable for "hard-working" contract environments.

Rakino chair by Tim Rundle for Morgan
The timber detailing is the result of CNC machining combined with hand-finishing

The Rakino collection includes two versions of the lounge chair — one with and one without arms — as well as dining chairs and coffee tables.

The pieces can be ordered in beech, ash, oak or walnut woods, and can be upholstered in a range of fabrics or leathers.

Product: Rakino
Designer: Tim Rundle
Brand: Morgan
Contact: [email protected]

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