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Photograph of wooden bench

Bella bench by Oggi

Dezeen Showroom: Thai design brand Oggi has designed a wooden bench that aims to distil a variety of different uses into one piece of furniture.

Oggi's Bella bench is made from five round-edged timber planks that form a useful hallway bench, which is designed to optimise functionality in small spaces.

Photograph of wooden bench
The bench can store umbrellas and shows

Designed to sit at the entryway to a house, the bench provides a seat as well as storage for umbrellas – two stacked cutouts allows them to be inserted to dry vertically.

There are also shelves for storing pairs of shoes and two circular zones for holding cups.

Photograph of wooden bench
It was designed to maximise functionality in small spaces

"This bench should be the last place I go when I leave home, without worrying about forgetting anything – house keys, car keys, umbrella and my coffee cup," said designer Phanomsook Meelugsana.

Bella can be used both indoors and outdoors and comes in a selection of wood finishes.

Product: Bella bench
Designer: Phanomsook Meelugsana
Brand: Oggi
Contact: [email protected]

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