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Dark grey sofa in white room

Buffo seating collection by Mobella

Dezeen Showroom: Thailand-based design brand Mobella has created a sofa and armchair designed to mimic physical traits of buffalo.

Both seats in the Buffo range feature an arching backrest that culminates in sweeping armrests.

The design intends to represent the shape of a buffalo's horns – linear stitching detailing further bolsters this, imitating the texture of the horns.

White sofas in white room
The collection comes in an array of fabrics

Both the sofa and armchair have firm upholstery, which the brand chose to imitate the feeling of riding on the back of a buffalo.

The sofa can seat up to three people and the armchair has a swivelling base to facilitate movement.

Dark grey sofa in white room
Firm upholstery is reminiscent of a buffalo's muscular back

Users can choose from a range of upholstery materials in a selection of vivid and neutral shades.

Product: Buffo seating collection
Designer: Kritsada Noolek
Brand: Mobella
Contact: [email protected]

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White armchair in white room
White sofas in white room
Dark grey sofa in white room
Dark grey sofa in white room