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Float Mini desk by Humanscale

Float Mini height-adjustable desk by Humanscale

Dezeen Showroom: workplace furniture brand Humanscale has launched the Float Mini desk – a compact sit-stand table designed to fit into any room of the home.

A mini version of Humanscale's Float desk, the Float Mini features a smaller, cantilevered work surface and a single-leg frame that occupies minimal floor space.

Photo of the Float Mini desk by Humanscale
The Float Mini desk is designed to fit into even the smallest spaces in the home

The light design comes with optional casters and is easy to move so that users can embrace a variety of environments and seating positions.

Like the full-scale Float, the Float Mini makes use of a non-powered pneumatic cylinder to lift and lower the work surface, giving it a gliding motion and meaning the desk doesn't need to be plugged into a power source to function and can even be taken outdoors.

Photo of the Float Mini desk by Humanscale on an outdoor terrace
The wire-free desk can be moved outside on a nice day

The 16 by 27-inch tabletop is made from bamboo, chosen for its aesthetic and sustainable qualities, according to Humanscale.

Bamboo is much more fast-growing than the woods traditionally used in tabletops, taking just 10 years to regrow, as opposed to the 100 that can be required for timber from old-growth forests.

At the same time, bamboo creates a warm and minimalistic look, making it a good fit for most domestic environments.

Product: Float Mini
Brand: Humanscale
Contact: [email protected]

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