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Studio Sofield and Dolce Gabbana skyscraper Miami

"All this money and look what it leads to" says commenter

In this week's comments update, readers are discussing renderings released by Dolce & Gabbana of a supertall skyscraper in Miami, which will be the brand's first residential tower.

Created in collaboration with New York architecture practice Studio Sofield, the 90-storey tower will reach 320 metres high.

Dolce Gabbana supertall skyscraper Miami
Dolce & Gabbana unveiled a supertall skyscraper in Miami

"Another example of kitsch moderne!"

Commenters had mixed responses. "I like it, it has Peter Marino influences crossed with some Mar-a-Lago gold overtones," wrote Frank Lloyd Wrong.

"The only thing missing is Paris Hilton wearing a feather boa and a chihuahua apathetically saying 'that's hot'," they joked.

"Another example of kitsch moderne!" exclaimed Souji, before asking "do the gargoyles need to be abstracted? Is it an attempt to seem 'serious'?"

Other readers were even less generous in their assessments. "Tasteless, banal and old fashioned," denounced Miles Teg. "All this money and look what it leads to – shame," they added.

Vk was similarly cynical about the project and suggested that "we need social, affordable housing, not this nonsense".

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Outer Hebrides house Isle of Harris
Commenters enjoyed this remote Outer Hebrides home

"A beautiful little home"

Also attracting attention in the comments section this week was a house in Scotland's Outer Hebrides designed by local practice Izat Arundell to "sit respectfully in the landscape".

Commenters were largely impressed by the design. "Bravo, everything about this understated building speaks to respect for nature in general, and its own site in particular," praised The Truth.

Tom Roberts was also a fan, calling it a "nice solid building with a wonderfully modest interior". This sentiment was echoed by Mkgr4, who wrote "love the stonework on the exterior and the simplicity of the interior".

Robin 518 felt that "as a city girl, I could live there". She continued to say "windows, wood ceilings and privacy – other than a delivery service, I'm ready to move".

Meanwhile, Dik Coates thought it was "a beautiful little home that blends into the countryside".

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Kingston Villa London from the outside
Fletcher Crane Architects created a pale brick home in London

"This is a delicious slice of design cake"

Another project that got readers talking was a family home in London by Fletcher Crane Architects designed as a contemporary "evolution" of the area's typical suburban architecture in pale brick and metal.

"This is a delicious slice of design cake," admired Betty Rubble.

"I love this house, a mixture of traditional forms, clean modern lines and traditional materials," commended Karl S. "All of it is well-crafted too," they added.

Alfred Hitchcock thought "it positively reeks of the late 1960s/early 1970s, but that's not necessarily a bad thing – I like the materials and details".

However,  Tony365 deemed it to be "very well-finished but a little bland and formal – it really is just a modern take on a traditional house".

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