2019 results

Casa Morgana
by J Mayer H

Shortlisted for residential rebirth project of the year at Dezeen Awards 2019, Casa Morgana is a three-story brutalist house by J Mayer H.

Situated in a garden designed by artist and landscape architect Tita Giese, Casa Morgana involves several different-sized cubes placed at staggered levels on top of one another, connected by a central stairway. J Mayer H stripped the existing brutalist buildings back to their concrete shells and arranged them in ziggurat-style, meaning that the levels narrow towards the top of the structure. These irregularly stacked boxes connect together to create an exposed concrete interior of staggered floors and different height rooms, divided by thick terrazzo walls.

Architect: J Mayer H
Project: Casa Morgana
Read more: J Mayer H

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