2019 results

Luum Temple
by Co-Lab Design Office

Shortlisted for small building of the year at Dezeen Awards 2019, Luum Temple is an open bamboo structure by Co-Lab Design Office that hosts yoga, meditation, workshops and other community gatherings.

Local studio Co-Lab Design Office used bamboo that was farmed sustainably in the neighbouring Mexican state of Chiapas to increase awareness of the possibilities of sustainable construction. As well as for for sustainability reasons, bamboo was chosen for its ability to resist hurricane forces. Flat sections of the beams were bent, then screwed and strapped together to create the open pavilion. The symmetrical structure has five catenary arches that support each other structurally and are arranged in a circular layout to represent the beach town's collaborative community spirit. These arches form five different rooflines, with a thatched roof covering the bamboo construction, made using local Zacate grass. The canopy protects the outdoor structure from the elements, while providing a flow of air to the pavilion in the humid tropical climate.

Architect: Co-Lab Design Office
Project: Luum Temple

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