2019 results

by Bace

Shortlisted for product design of the year at Dezeen Awards 2019, Rotofarm by Bace proposes "rotary hydroponics" as a sustainable source of fresh vegetables.

Rotofarm's rotating hydroponic farm bed provides plants with soil-free water and optimal nutrients pumped up from the base reservoir. As plants rotate towards the top of the farm bed and hanging upside-down, they are relieved of gravitational pressure, accelerating their growth as much as twice over.

The compact design makes it the most space-efficient indoor hydroponic planter in the world. Its unique 20-inch conical farm bed provides ample space to grow vegetables, all in a device with a tiny footprint that sits on a countertop with no external tanks or cabinets required. Apartment dwellers can enjoy nearly 1.5 metres of indoor veggie patch using the countertop hydroponic garden where plants are rotated to grow more quickly. Like all hydroponic systems, it works without soil, instead using mess-free nutrient and water reservoirs to feed its plants.

Designer: Bace
Project: Rotofarm

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