2019 results

Estudio MMX

Shortlisted for emerging architect of the year at Dezeen Awards 2019, Estudio MMX is a collaborative architecture and design practice based in Mexico with a range of diverse projects.

Founded by Jorge Arvizu, Ignacio del Río, Emmanuel Ramírez and Diego Ricalde in 2010, Estudio MMX works on projects that range from installation design to architectural and urban developments. Without any preconceived style or language, the studio focuses on the process of transforming the project context and circumstances into a set of values from which the ideas appear and evolve. MMX acknowledges every single project as a unique challenge that leads to a very specific, distinctive and custom development process in which theory and practice, design and construction, are merged with the ideas of architecture and urbanism.

Studio: Estudio MMX
Shortlisted for: Emerging architect of the year
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