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Guest House to Center for Human Genetics

Manoj Sudhakaran

ABRD has designed a guest house using natural tones and exposed brickwork for the Center for Human Genetics in Bangalore, India.

This building, imagined as dispersed group of rooms in a garden setting, are connected by open corridors and bridges, providing a relief from the sterile and closed laboratory environment, where researchers spend majority of their day.

The building expresses a sense of calm and serenity combined with light, shadow and natural ventilation. The residential units are distributed around the central green courtyard and balconies overlooking the exterior landscape, which strike a balance between private living and community interaction.

Distinct materials on the facade, floating plinth, and metal trellis skin on staircases result in the intimate scale of the building.

This project has been longlisted in the housing project category of Dezeen Awards 2020.

Architect: ABRD
Project: Guest House to Center for Human Genetics

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