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King Power MahaNakhon
by SEAM Design

Srirath Somsawat

SEAM has designed architectural lighting for Bangkok's King Power MahaNakhon Tower.

MahaNakhon by Buro Ole Scheeren is Bangkok's tallest building and landmark, with SEAM's lighting completed late-2018.

A programmable system animates the tower's signature eroded geometry to follow the city's daily activity cycle, echoing the busy horizontal vectors of the evening rush-hour, and eventually receding, twinkling, into the night sky.

Visible throughout the city, the illuminated MahaNakhon has become a night-and-day icon for Bangkok, and a glowing emblem for Bangkok's emerging status as the southeast Asia design capital.

This project has been longlisted in the architectural lighting design category of Dezeen Awards 2020.

Designer: SEAM
Project: King Power MahaNakhon

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