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Lahofer Winery
by Chybik + Kristof

Alex Shoots Buildings

Nestled into the Moravian countryside, the Lahofer Winery fuses the region's long-standing wine tradition with a contemporary design.

The spatial qualities of archetypal wine cellars of the region are supported by a structural system, where each module rises from a vine row and runs through the space, achieving perfect visual symmetry and guiding the viewer's gaze across the grapevines.

Echoing the local archetypal wine cellar, an undulant roof serves as an amphitheater for cultural events, open to both locals and visitors, merging the winery into the ground.

This project has been longlisted in the hospitality building category of Dezeen Awards 2020.

Architect: Chybik + Kristof
Project: Lahofer Winery
Read more: Chybik + Kristof

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