2020 results

SG Design Office
by She Gu Design Office

The boss's office. The vertical cement column and the horizontal light seam interlace into the "cross of light". The harmonious dialogue between objects not only highlights the taste, but also enhances the temp
She Gu Design Office

SG Design Office has created an office with minimalist white interiors in Hangzhou, China.

Spatial angles and lighting provide contrast to the stark white; and light, shade and line are used.

Natural light is introduced through wall groovings and electrified atomised glass, while some areas use high-end imported small-size spotlights, gypsum lamps or concealed lamps to weaken artificial light sources. This achieves a modern minimalist style where light is seen, but no lamps.

The electrified glass at the end of the corridor and the moonlight projection lamp add a sense of technology and future to the quiet and plain space.

Custom-made furniture creates openness and changeability.

This project has been longlisted in the small workspace interior project category of Dezeen Awards 2020.

Designer: She Gu Design Office
Project: SG Design Office

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