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O·Power Cultural and Art Center
by Shenzhen Huahui Design

O·Power Cultural and Art Center by Shenzhen Huahui Design
Photo by Shenzhen Huahui Design

Shenzhen Huahui Design has designed the O·Power Cultural and Art Center in Nanshan, China.

The O·Power Cultural and Art Center is located in the interface between nature and the community and is an important gateway node and community connection bridge for the entire area.

Originally a heavy oil power plant, it was officially retired due to environmental protection and urban development and became an industrial relic.

"The design of this project defines it as the future art community and cultural leader of the area and builds it into an urban living room integrating culture, art and community, allowing the former energy centre of the area to return to the city and become the source of community spiritual energy," told Shenzhen Huahui Design.

"With the increasing demand for urban public life and spiritual culture, the client hope[d] to implant an experimental theatre in the original industrial factory to provide a platform for dramatic performance creation for the surrounding communities and activate the artistic ecology of the urban area."

This project has been shortlisted in the cultural project category of Dezeen Awards China 2023.

Studio: Shenzhen Huahui Design
Project: O·Power Cultural and Art Center
Credits: Shanghai Lab D+H

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