Little Island and the Future of NYC Green Space

19 Oct19 October 2021

Pratt Institute hosts a free virtual talk with Heatherwick Studio and New York Times architecture critic Michael Kimmelman to discuss Little Island, green space and New York's revitalisation.

The talk, which is moderated by Kimmelman, sees Mat Cash, group leader at Heatherwick Studio, Signe Nielsen, founder of Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects and professor at Pratt School of Architecture, Robert Hammond, co-founder and executive director of the High Line, and Trish Santini, Little Island executive director, in conversation about New York and green space.

The panel explores what Little Island means for New York City, the qualities that make the park unique, the process behind the design of the development, its design implications and the role of public green space in the city, which is central to Pratt Institute’s new Masters in Landscape Architecture programme.

Speakers consider whether Little Island may serve as an example of revitalised space as cities explore environments for equity, accessibility and sustainability.

Little Island and the Future of NYC Green Space takes place online on 19 October 2021 at 11:30 pm BST.