Big Dipper by Sarah van Gameren



RCA summer show: part production line and part performance, Big Dipper is a machine that produces candle chandeliers by automatically dipping wick into vats of molten wax.


The machine is calibrated to make 24 chandeliers in a 24-hour period and was designed in collaboration with a clockmaker.


Big Dipper was designed and built by Sarah van Gameren, a student on the Design Products course at the Royal College of Art in London.


Above and below: van Gameren demonstrating Big Dipper


It is featured in the RCA summer show, which continues until 28 June.


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Below is van Gameran's description of the project:


Sarah van Gameren, Platform 8

Big Dipper

Big Dipper dips twenty-four chandeliers using the technique of candle making. The machine rotates and lowers strung wick chandeliers periodically, building up 12 layers for each. After twelve hours, twenty-four chandeliers are completed and a new cycle can begin.

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  • dekor

    hmmmm,,, pretty girl..:))

  • Zender

    You got that right!!

  • A ‘beautiful’ project all ’round.

  • aleksei

    Very clever idea! Anyone distributes these?

  • loui

    you can buy these at the london design museum at about 85 quid a pop.

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  • gaque

    great design, super cute girl!

  • form

    new design for old idea ( 10 years for sure), you can buy it in Sweden…