e-glue vinyl wall decorations for children



Now children can indulge in the craze for self-adhesive vinyl wall decorations with a new product called e-glue.


The products come in a range of designs, or children can submit their own designs to e-glue's artiKIDS service, which will turn them into large-format vinyls.


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  • Hi, I am currently making personalised vinyl stickers for childrens lunch boxes and bottles. My company is called Kids Labels which is an online webshop giving mothers throughout South Africa access to my products. I am very interested in selling your product as it is directly inline with my business.
    I will be able to market this products succesfully as I have a database of mothers in excess of 10 000.
    Please could you send me details on how to go about purchasing.
    Kind regards
    Dawn Herbert

  • Candy

    OMG! That is awesome! Love to have ur product on walls at work or at home and even on the car!